Why Hasn’t the US Government Moved against Black Urban Areas and Black IP?


That problem is not solely my concern. These problems hit Black people more than any other race. In fact, these issues  out and out nukes Black people. Well, maybe Black people enjoy being Holocausted like this. But I doubt it. They not an openly suicidal race in the way that any typical individual human is suicidal.

Blacks don’t like it, they think it’s a problem, but they have no idea what to do about it. And for the most part they refuse to talk about it, as it hurts their ego to do so.

My guess that people are profiting off of prisons, but I’m not sure. However, in the future, a sci-fi scenario might have the US government deciding it’s not worth it to save the urban areas, so they will find some acceptable excuse to finally demolish them.

Anyway, the idea that people are profiting from prisons is known as the prison-industrial complex.


So I guess it’s in the interest of the government, companies, etc. that Blacks stay in urban areas and keep being ghetto.

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4 thoughts on “Why Hasn’t the US Government Moved against Black Urban Areas and Black IP?”

  1. Why would they do that? Leave the poor brothers alone, they just want to go about their life. The Democrats who are smart would know that the brothers are looking for a raise and not constantly getting pulled over by the police. What they are not looking for is some candidate obsessed with the global warming hoax who will take their Cadillac away and force them to buy an $80,000 Tesla.

      1. Yeah, they show up here now and again. They usually stay awhile until I make them completely snap. When that happens, they go on a tirade about what a horrible racist I am and they take off lol.

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