The Joke of Punk Rock and Writing Punk Rock Songs

They’re going through what I am with my drum lesson thing.

O.K., who is this idiot?

They can’t get signed to a record label, so they’re not pros.  All they know is 3 chords!

But getting signed or published in the case of written material is tough, and that is evolutionary I suppose, but if something is really good and put toward the masses and they like it, then who cares?  You’ve pretty much “made your credibility.”

The Myth of Crap That Is Self-Promoted

I don’t know of any.  If it isn’t good, people won’t have anything or much of anything to do with it. But enemies do love to bash stuff that doesn’t come from established pros.

The Indie Label (Independent)

Huh, this is a joke, lol.  Just another form of punk rock. The masses are just dying to hear “The 5 Burrito Brothers” or “Hot Turkey”.  Surely that matches up to Weezer or Aerosmith!

But self-published music is probably good, assuming people are buying the music as I mentioned above.

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2 thoughts on “The Joke of Punk Rock and Writing Punk Rock Songs”

  1. I sometimes think punk rockers are parasitic towards neo-Nazis. Certain songs on the radio invoke strong words a neo-Nazi would mean and use to have edginess or something. Maybe this isn’t common but I’ve noticed it on a punk song recently. It was especially obvious and cheesy.

    Skinheads and punks seem silly to me at best – before my time maybe. Maybe some good music came from them, but it’s generally not my cup. The Establishment tries to confuse and blur lines. This genre of music and especially the mainstream radio pop is likely a victim of that.

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