If You’re Not Good at It, Don’t Do It

I had struggles being promoted in South Korea as an English teacher because it just didn’t work.

However, ironically, I’m skilled at music, but nobody is promoting me (self-promotion)! I had given up on music a long time ago for various reasons.

In fact, I had went into math in my late 30’s thinking a job was a sure thing. That was a big mistake even if I had passed Calculus II.

I suppose I went to South Korea because I wanted adventure, but I was more a joke than W. Bush. I learned much about the world, and a lot of the hate I got there had nothing to do with my job, like being scapegoated by people who knew about my teaching just cause of US Army crimes. A lot of the people were just flat-out American haters, and to top that off they were racist against everyone, anti-disabled and anti-weight abnormal.

There were some students that liked my teaching – maybe half. In fact, one school was angry because I left.  But it was always an Abe Lincoln thing where half loved me and half want me hanged lol!  That’s not survivable. You must have at least 90 percent or more of students respecting you, or you’re finished!

I Kept Going Back

It’s mainly because the rush of traveling is like crack cocaine. So I spent most of my 20’s beating my head against the wall (I am in my 40’s now).

Why It Couldn’t Work

The schools are massively corrupt and the students won’t talk to you. More importantly there was always the problem that there wasn’t enough material.  It’s not like music where I can generate tons of it.

Isn’t Misfit-ness a Problem?

Not if you’re good at what you do, even in Korea. However, you might not get hired to begin with.

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