Africa’s Population Explosion and Why Whites Are To Blame

After 2050, Africa is projected to be the only major area that has a continually growing population, meaning that it will house 25% of the global population in 2010 and 39% in 2100.

In 1950, only 9% of the world’s population was African.

Conversely, Europe is projected to have a smaller population in 2050 than in 2015.


• Lots of high fertility countries. The world has 21 countries that are “high fertility,” meaning than the average woman has five or more children over her lifetime. Of those, 19 are in Africa (and the other two are in Asia). The largest is Nigeria, which according to another report will have 10% of the world’s births by 2050.


Are whites doing this? No.  Why then is it O.K. to hate for a problem the whites created?

But why not deny them medical care/food?  Well, that’s murder and it’s wrong but not according to WN’s.

I mean, come on – create a problem by not having babies, and then murder others cause they do have them?

Major gains in life span. Life expectancy in Africa rose by six years in the 2000’s, double the global average. Africa’s average life expectancy is expected to gain about 19 years by 2100,rising to age 78.

• Major declines in child mortality. In the past decade, the rate of children under age five who died went from 142 per 1,000 to 99 per 1,000. The global fall was from 71 per 1,000 in 2000-2005 to 50 per 1,000 in 2010-15.

But Africa might be able to produce its own medicine and food anyhow despite the claims of black inferiority by WN’s.

O.K. It boils down to the fact murder is either wrong or not wrong and whether all humans have at the least the right to live.

So now WN’s would want to nuke Africa or deny them food etc..?

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2 thoughts on “Africa’s Population Explosion and Why Whites Are To Blame”

  1. How many nukes do WN’s have? Elites talk of population control. If only Whites were in charge, Africans would still receive a lot of aid. Oprah has tried to help Black Africans and failed. It’s an incredible burden to bear.

    1. They don’t have any, but rest assured they would use them. But honestly, as you say, elites like Oprah or Ted Turner might do the same (or a virus outbreak) – as some sort of black flag.

      If only Whites were in charge, Africans would still receive a lot of aid.

      What whites? WN’s. They wouldn’t give them anything but death.

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