Are Whites in the US Racist against Blacks?

Quote: @Robert Lindsay

Then there’s all this invisible racism. Turns out Whites have racist minds even if they don’t act racist. Well, those racist thoughts of White people are forcing Blacks to act bad. So White people are thought criminals and need to start thinking differently.

I doubt if most Blacks care because many live outside “angry White man areas”.

Well, it is true Whites are racist, and it comes out when you marry/date a Black person.  Many simply ignore you and you can tell because of social media.

“Dating out” isn’t the norm and it can’t be causing real psychological harm to most Blacks – and it does prove Whites are racist generally, but not to the degree liberals claim.  But I’m speaking of the South USA only, the only place in the US I have any experience with.

In the Past

Whites were truly obnoxiously racist, maybe even matching Stormfront.  However, thanks to the changing culture (and also the Whitening genetically of Blacks), which White Nationalists (WN’s) hate lol, it’s much less.

What about stats showing how horrible blacks are?

Most people are faraway from real Black threats. Like I said, “angry White man” areas are near heavily-Black areas.


Well, probably even Portland and Seattle have enough Blacks to make Whites uneasy, but they’re also very liberal areas.

Whites in Small Towns

They have little reason to hate Blacks. In fact, there isn’t any real racism – as in scary – unless it’s outside of a heavily Black area (“angry White man” area)

Certain Country Areas or Neighborhoods of Small Cities

I think WN’s have a stronghold in some places, so they harass Blacks and their White romantic partners who come there. My general area for the most part isn’t like that, but unfortunately, my particular mountain valley is one of those places where WN’s have a stronghold.

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