Game/PUA: A Major Downside to Adult Men Having (Legal) Sex with Teenage Girls

The problem is that no matter how much she seems to be into it at the time, and trust me, most of them are into it bigtime – in fact, it’s very frequently the case that these girls out and out seduce the men – things tend to change a ways down the road.

Some girls who have these legal relationships with older men like it and even years later, smile and look back on it fondly. But it’s far more likely that she will regret it later on. It’s sort of a form of Regret Rape, a female specialty.

These changes of heart are very typical for teenage girls who have sex with men. Men, if you ever have sex with a (hopefully legal) teenage girl, be careful because as much as she seems like she’s into it, there’s a very good chance that 10-20 years down the road she is going to change her mind and decide that you took advantage of her.

She will also suddenly develop all sorts of ridiculous psychological symptoms which of course only show up when she changes her mind and decides she was harmed. As long as she thought there was nothing wrong with it, she had no symptoms.

This is one thing I have against the way society deals with these relationships. Even if they are completely legal and consensual as is often the case, we run around screaming that the minor was just subjected to the most horrible abuse, and no matter how the minor feels about at the time, as a result of our antics, they now decide that they are all fucked up.

Wa-la! Lots of pernicious psychological symptoms pop up where before there were none precisely because we freak out so much about it and scream at the kid about what a horrible crime was done to them. I don’t know what the alternative is, but it seems like the “anti-sex with minors” folks are actually creating a lot of the damage that these minors suffer from the minor-adult sex that they have.

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8 thoughts on “Game/PUA: A Major Downside to Adult Men Having (Legal) Sex with Teenage Girls”

  1. Regret Rape

    Man, you learn something new every day.

    Did I make someone feel “regret rape”? Count me guilty.

    Number of victims: No idea but should be a lot of women. Hopefully all were of legal age.

    Why? Maybe because I almost forced myself on them. I thought they wanted it then and it was consensual. They did not accuse me of rape later, so I thought it was consensual.

        1. COURT

          Man, I can’t afford lawyer fees. Never could have. They’ll just throw the book at me. Luckily I’m not in the US.

          1. You have to do a lot more than you have been doing to even get arrested on a rape charge here, much less charged. 90% of rape calls to the police don’t even result in an arrest because police think it’s a garbage case – and it is. It’s very hard to get a rape conviction in the US. As long as you are not doing violent stranger rapes, I hate to say it, but you are probably clear.

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