Raising Kind Kids – Impossible for Eternity

Not much hope there because the parents either ignore the issue or are meanies themselves.  For anti-bullying to work you’d have to have kids raised like Jehovah’s Witnesses, and it can be done, but like I said, the mathematical probability of it happening is zilch!

In that case, we can only teach kids to be more extroverted or else face getting picked on – maybe even to the point of suicide!

Is Bullying a Good Thing?

No way, because the fact some kids are introverted is nobody’s fucking business. For instance, people just don’t go around punching or pushing people just because “they come across as soft.” It doesn’t work that way in civilized society, but because of the laziness of parents, there’s no way to stop it, and anti-bullying programs won’t do it.

Well, backtracking, introversion might be people’s business in some cases, but the way to handle it is by lifting up the weak, not cutting them down.

Do People Want to Be Introverted?

I actually prefer isolation now much of the time, but I think in school there is a strong drive to be loved, but some kids shy away from extroversion due to low self-confidence.

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2 thoughts on “Raising Kind Kids – Impossible for Eternity”

  1. Every kid is different. Bullying helps some. A military drill Sargent is essentially a bully. I get that pinecones in the ass aren’t constructive, but neither is a victim mentality.

    Softy culture might create more suicide. A tranny in Seattle may as well be a death sentence, bullied or not…Maybe if no one watched bully victim videos where they hold cards and don’t speak, they wouldn’t make them and kill themselves as much.

    1. Drill sergeants are preparing people for war (or police duty, etc.) How would that even compare to a school or something else?

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