6th Place Trophies?

That would be what some cultural liberals would want, but trophies should be reserved for at least 3rd or 4th up to 1st.  What good is an award for crap? The idea is that it’s the passion that mattered, and maybe someone making 6th place did try hard. But you can say that the person himself knew that, and they didn’t need an award for it.

Now, I do think on a core level we all have value. We shouldn’t turn away people from an emergency room because they aren’t awesome enough lol.  Many things in life need to be molded and built, and by default, people don’t have much to offer.

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4 thoughts on “6th Place Trophies?”


    I suck at team sports. But I do play tennis, table tennis, and squash (racquetball in the US?) – all of those individual games. At the most I can play pairs and I prefer mixed doubles, of course!

    Girls that play tennis are very horny in my experience.

    I think some people are more wired for team sports whereas others are for individual games.

    In high school, I was once chosen the referee for a club-level soccer match (neither team would have me because all those bozos hated me anyway). I don’t know whose idea it was that I would be an unbiased referee.

    In the match that I officiated, I handed out a total of 3 red cards and 5 yellow cards. Basically a zero tolerance policy for fouls. Each and every player was baying for my blood, but hey, you chose me the referee. And I wouldn’t stand for any illegal arm-wrestling in the middle of a match.

    The “home team” (a similar concept as Americans have, but we don’t use that terminology here, just for simplicity) lost the match 2-3. Of course, my soccer referee career was a one-time stint. They were really pissed that I awarded a penalty to the rival side.

    The winning “away side” weren’t too pleased either. They received 2 out of the 3 red cards, with a yellow card for the goalkeeper. But all of them were well-deserved. In what civilized sports is pinching and biting a player is considered good conduct?

    In soccer, you’re supposed to overlook a few transgressions. Or most of them.

    Anyway, that was my biggest moment. After that I was done with team sports forever. I have zero tolerance for hooligans.

  2. I might have gotten into hockey because I loved floor hockey in high school gym. However, ice hockey isn’t available in the Southern USA of course.

    Now, my sport was tae-kwon-do and even people in Korea were impressed! But I never did go to a high belt.

    1. You mean field hockey? Like this one: http://www.tonyprycesports.co.uk/images/zoppo-19-ck-hockey-stick-p20396-5516_zoom.jpg

      Yea, I’m kinda OK with that game. I played it for a while in school. But it’s another one for the ruffians. They use that stick to deliberately injure you rather than hit the ball. In India, a hockey stick is the weapon of choice of street thugs. I think it’s used more as a weapon than in actual sports. Very effective if you want to vandalize vehicles and property.

      I don’t understand ice hockey at all. Maybe because where I’m from you only see ice in a refrigerator or on the Internet.

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