Slave Pricing Assignment for 5th Grade Class?

Hmmm.  Any thoughts?

A Missouri teacher was placed on paid administrative leave after asking students to put a price on slaves for a school Social Studies assignment, a spokesperson for the school said.

The assignment was handed out to fifth grade students at Blades Elementary School in Oakville in an effort to teach them about the Colonial marketplace and the exchange of goods, according to a statement on Tuesday from the superintendent of the Mehlville School District, where the school is located.

However, one teacher included slaves “as goods to be sold” as part of the lesson, according to the statement.

Missouri?  Ferguson?  Former slave state? Probably a huge red state – outside of black areas.

Truman, KKK, Hiroshima?

I’m always queasy about anyone talking about slaves, especially to kids.  Is this guy some sort of perv?  Who wants someone like that teaching kids?

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6 thoughts on “Slave Pricing Assignment for 5th Grade Class?”

  1. Is this some sort of perv? What want that teaching kids?

    OMG…big fat pedo. It’s pedo screaming from the rooftops. Some kind of BDSM freak except with a fetish for children which is sickening.

    I know it’s teaching history about a sensitive subject, but come on, they wouldn’t have done it when I was learning social studies in 5th grade.

    There are many other ways to drive home the point…you can show it on TV (our teacher in the 9th grade made us watch Amistad which just came out then to learn about the American slave trade.

    From what I can remember, the students (mostly boys) were laughing at the chained Blacks and were pretending to “mock chain” each other up. Kids can be real bastards; they don’t really get the message about a history lesson until they’re old enough.

    Perhaps I was the only one in my 9th grade Amistad class who watched that subject with the sensitivity and historical lens it demanded. I mean I knew quite a bit about Abraham Lincoln, William Wilberforce, and almost every major figure associated with the eradication of the slave trade. I read Uncle Tom’s Cabin while in 6th grade. All this was before the Internet. I don’t think I ever went online before 1999.

    My classmates weren’t like that at all. They thought Abraham Lincoln looked like someone’s wicked papa or a criminal under sentence. They were laughing like hyenas at the misery of the chained Blacks, and our female social studies teacher had to school them to behave properly.

    1. Yeah, kids are insensitive assholes. But we’ve already covered that! They’re only interested in Alphas and bully introverts (or any anything sensitive), and it’s not likely to change for eternity maybe.

      Well, I remember when we watched Glory in middle school, and some kid said “Do you like black people?”. Of course, he said the comment cause he didn’t like black people just like a lot of white kids didn’t because they were raised that way.

      Well, there are some “nice kids” who empathize with the show – a few maybe. It’s probably better to not show “sensitive films” until people are in college, but it would shock you to see the insensitive people, even at that age!


      Some kids, even Alpha ones – are more tolerant of the weak and, of course, you can raise kids to love all people, but the thing is that most parents are also intolerant jerks or at least, they don’t make the effort to “make kids kind”. Well, me and @Robert Lindsay would disagree because he thinks boys are inherently evil.

  2. If it’s historically accurate I don’t have a problem with it. Even more silly are those movies where a teacher in the inner city connects White history with their students’ street crime so the students can wrap their heads around it.. “Thomas Jefferson was a straight up pimp son!” Corn Pop.

    East St. Louis is like Dante’s 7th circle of Black hell, worse than South Chicago from what I’ve heard. I would prefer to sip ice-cold sweet tea while a Southern belle’s cool drool flows over my cotton-colored balls on a shady plantation porch.

    1. Street crime and culture should just be wiped out and then rebuild. The problem with ghetto liberal movies is they’re accepting of a degenerate culture.

  3. I was wrong in the comment, actually I think the kid said, “N-word, do you like them?” But the funny thing with these types is they like some Black people – say, Michael Jordan – as that kid liked to wear Chicago Bulls stuff.

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