Does Comedy/entertainment Change?

People don’t find executions fun anymore lol. Yes, in the past, they were more of an attraction than the cinema!  People don’t find setting cats on fire to be fun anymore either.

Well, what changed?  People changed.  There was no need for censorship. People simply changed their mind.  I mean, what retards would find Amos and Andy funny these days?  The fact is that plenty of Blacks are way smarter than Amos and Andy, so what’s the gag?

Now, fat shaming doesn’t have the same appeal as it did before because the culture changed.  But that’s not saying plenty of people don’t still weight-shame.

I remember this episode of Good Times, a Black show from the 70s, where they were always picking on the landlord because they didn’t like him.  They would call him fat but that wasn’t why they hated him. They called him that because they disliked him for other reasons. Maybe he didn’t do repairs or jacked their rents up.

However, cheap shots at his weight wouldn’t work if this show was airing in the Current Year because it repulses people even if they don’t like the character otherwise.

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