Creepy and/or Mildly Distrubing Teachers

I was in the 5th grade, and I thought having this fun male teacher – unusual for elementary school – was so cool (decorated room, more fun lessons, lots of charisma, fun parties), and it was!

However, looking back, the dude was creepy.  I mean, not in some pedo way, but like he showed us a Holocaust film, and also he made super-weird comments like “Well, the South was rightfully angry after the Civil War.” O.K., he was probably right but why say that to kids, even in the “hollers of Tennessee” where the school was?

Another Creep

The high school “Christian rightwing activist” Literature teacher who would make one sarcastic comment after another to the “fish-bowl students” staring at him with no emotion.

Comments like:

You all have birth defects because your 70’s era, etc. parents smoked pot.” (The granddaddy comment of all!)

“The peace sign was an upside down mockery of the cross.”.

“They all just want a paaaaasss” (mockery of C students).

“Not on whiff a joint passed thru these lips”,

Emphasizing of the part in Romeo in Juliet where crying was condemned because you know, he doesn’t like sissies lol.

He was the type to make one opinionated comment after another to a captive audience.  But I suppose since this was the Bible Belt, nobody would criticize him.  But what did this have to do with teaching Literature?

Once a student put a naked lady drawing on his desk (something like that) LOL.

Middle School Football Coach Saying Bad Words/Slurs

Give me a break!  He has to say the n-word in a discussion of the Civil War (not in a demeaning way – but not appropriate).  He has to mention that we middle school students call each other fags, etc., and use those explicit terms?  He was funny but I’m surprised nobody turned him in.  I thought parents were Normie-freaks always putting teachers on the spot for every little thing.

Well, I guess due to the American worship of sports, football coaches/teachers get away with murder, and this also includes often being very lazy-ass teachers!

Anti-Immigration Middle School Teacher – even Way Back in 1990

She has to mention any Spanish-sounding name and comment it sounds un-American.  Well, Lopez doesn’t sound American does it?  She also paddled kids for not doing homework, not just being a brat.

Party Time for Half the Class – High School Football Teacher Coach

We had fun there and he was indeed a blast! However, we were getting royally ripped off  – education-wise, and also, he gave the middle finger, cussed, and used a racial slur to describe rappers (well, the last thing was in private to me as sort of a humorous conversation).

Talk about a grown-up-child.  Get real.  We need a real teacher!

Bad Stuff Middle School Students Started

This one teacher was morally O.K., but some student had to comment on the word “layed” in English class lol  So she said, “Oh, you guys are sick! lol”.

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