Who Died and Made You God?

From Revenge of the Nerds II

Booger: [after walking into Snotty’s room] This place is a pigsty.

Snotty: Thank you.

Booger: You should be ashamed of yourself!

Snotty: [indifferent] Fuck you. Who died and make you God?

Booger: My name’s Dudley Dawson. They call me “Booger”.

Snotty: Edgar Po Wong. They call me “Snotty.”

Sometimes judgement is a good thing, but how do we define when it is or not? It seems subjective.  Anyway, SJW’s would point out that people making judgements are just doing it to be mean, not to promote improvement.  That’s often the case but not always. It could be both oftentimes. Some slob with a dirty room might cause someone to shame him out of real concern, but the shaming will also occur because the accuser gets off on feeling superior.

The Cultural Right Judges but They Don’t Like Being judged

Nope, sure don’t. Try bringing up some racial topic that annoys them. You will get quick sarcastic comments like “n-word” (said out of sarcasm – lol).

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2 thoughts on “Who Died and Made You God?”

    1. Well, to be frank, it seems like these cheesy movies have faded away, with only porn untouched (but porn is a billion dollar industry I think).

      I don’t think they would make a modern version of Revenge of the Nerds, Airplane etc. because movies are too PC nowadays.

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