How Snobby is the Cultural Left?

Warning: Some of the content might be stereotypes!

Well, some are in my family, though they will try to seem “cool to everyone (all political persuasions)” by watching South Park lol, when it boils down to it, they’re snobs and elitists.

It might be difficult for them not to be. They’re at war with small town Americans who are outside the liberal enclaves of bigger cities – even in the Bible Belt.

When Does the Snobbishness Become Too Outrageous to Hide?

The obsession with idealism will lead to morbid worship of health in sync, with ironically, the Nazi regime. The obsession with idealism will also cause many to shun the poor generally, though in words, they will make excuses for the Black/Hispanic poor but won’t live near them).

I do applaud the Cultural Left who will also live in or near ghettos, even though it might be for selfish reasons like real estate investment.  Yet this also seems massively foolish, as no sane person, liberal or otherwise, would want kids exposed to drive-bys if they could help it.

The Obsession with Higher Education

Though they deny it, they don’t respect blue-collar work, though they might applaud students working thru college (restaurant work, etc..)

But What’s Wrong with Being the Friend of Blacks and Gays, etc.?

Nothing at all – in fact, it should be encouraged, but not at the expense of good judgement and morals And it should be a choice, not an idealistic demand (school busing programs etc.).

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