Bill Maher – Liberal Supporter of Fat Shaming

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2 thoughts on “Bill Maher – Liberal Supporter of Fat Shaming”

  1. I consider him European in tongue; he’s eloquent and smart. He loathes the all-American flyover person who wants multiple helpings of apple pie. He has a chip on his shoulder for Jews but is not Jewy in manner. I consider Jews like this to be ungrateful and elitist when going at poor Whites.

    I’m against censorship, since his old show got taken down. I liked his old show. Let comedians say what they want. He has made me laugh at least. The worst comedians are the ones who want to censor/limit others.

    1. He may have been personally responsible for Trump, lol.

      Yes, we can’t censor comedy but if enough people don’t find the comedian funny, he fades away, at least for the majority. In short, to change culture, the people have to change.

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