When Does the Cultural Left Go Off the Deep End?

Well, me and @Robert Lindsay highly differ on the subject, as I’m more tolerant of the Cultural Left because much of it has justification. However, aspects of the Cultural Left have gone batshit insane.

I mean, people getting hurt over inborn (and subjective) characteristics they have no control over is wrong (the Cultural Right would disagree to various degrees), but a lot of stuff isn’t inborn, and to make it subjective is dangerous.  For instance, if a woman acts slutty and screams rape, or if a woman picks on some introverted weirdo and does a #me too thing, then that’s wrong, of course!

Other wrong things

Demanding that women/men sexually choose other races, and if they don’t, they’re racist.

Kissing the ass of gays beyond simply not bullying them as in bullying school kids just to be a motherfucker. Why should people be forced to accept gay Boy Scout leaders?

Treating non-Whites as though they can’t be as mean as Whites.

Subjecting kids to the gay and transsexual lifestyle as a rule and even encouraging kids to be transgender/gay – not just be a tomboy or classical piano player type.

Kissing the ass of non-Whites when clearly they are in the wrong.  I’m all for kindness/sane integration though.

School busing and other unnatural integration.

Movies and TV shows that seem fake due to unnatural racial percentages.

Anti-Bullying Movement Failure

Introverted kids will always have a rough time, and introversion is the real root of it, usually. Anyway, anti-bullying measures don’t do much good, so the best idea is to encourage extroversion.

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