The Coolness of the Nazi Salute

The whole Nazi thing – like it or not – has this “bad boy” forbidden image, possibly because the PC climate has demonized it above all else!

I knew this guy in school made Nazi salutes, and it ended up making people think he was cool. He was a former basketball player and was all around a bad boy but with a sort of “cute persona” to mask it.  I remember him talking about strip clubs openly in a college class, even one with girls in it. That wasn’t so cool but that’s the sort of guy he was.

Fake Bad Boy

He wasn’t really all he made himself out to be. He’d probably give the shirt off his back to a Black man.  He was more the type who was fed up with Blacks, and he didn’t feel like he had to kiss their ass if they started something.

The Ultimate Bad Boy

The Amon Gothe character in Schindler’s List seemed to top it. Man, that was some good acting. As horrible as that person was, I’m sure tons of men fantasized about being him.

That guy’s crimes in the movie included shooting prisoners in cold blood just to be an ass, shooting Jews in the courtyard from his balcony just for fun, and constantly raping his Jewish sex slave.

And I’ve heard is that the real Amon Gothe was even worse than that!

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One thought on “The Coolness of the Nazi Salute”

  1. A lot of women fantasized about Amon as well. NS were Germany first. I like Europe more as a whole, and that alone gives me some common ground. The bad boy aspect is the cheesy part that biker/prison gangs often try to present as NS. Real NS is powerful – that’s why young men are intrigued, and Normies are mortified.

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