PUA/Game: Men: Whatever You Do in Life, Don’t Totally Puss Out

PB: Oh, so it’s ok when you say “sissy”.

Jason: Who adheres to perfect speech codes? Of course it’s hypocrisy!

But I’m not bashing gays – I’m bashing people too chicken to create better music.

You all can use this word sissy all you want, but I think it is ridiculous. Maybe you come from a different culture than I do, but in my culture, sissy is only used to describe boys and preferably to describe effeminate boys who act like homosexual men.

All other uses of it seem odd. And it seems weird to call grown men sissies. If you want to say they aren’t masculine enough, that’s fine, but there’s a number of other words I would use for the simple reason that we are talking about men here and not boys.

To be completely honest, when we straight men call other men sissies, we are not talking about gay men. We leave them out of it. We are attacking other straight men’s masculinity for a variety of reasons.

We are “policing masculinity,” and as long as this does not get out of hand, I think it’s a good idea. I’ve been way too pussy myself at various times in my life, and that behavior was not ok. I don’t care what happens to me in the future, I am never going to lower myself to that level of submissiveness.

However, if a cop or some dangerous person is menacing me, I might just go totally pussy and submissive to keep him for hurting or killing me. There’s times when pussing out to the max is the best strategy if you want to stay alive in one piece.

But men, really. Knock off the pussy bullshit. Just don’t even go there. No matter how devastated, down, destroyed, ruined, deranged, or pushed to the edge you get, don’t go total pussy. There’s other and much better ways to show your complete surrender to life than that.

Personally, I prefer to take a sedative drug if one is around and head to the bed, get under the covers, and sleep as long as I can. It’s pathetic to escape from the world like that, but it’s ok to be pathetic. I just think if you are going to be pathetic, you should do so in certain ways that make it look a bit more respectable and masculine.

When you’re hiding under the covers and sleeping your life away, you’re still a man. When you get that soft, high-pitched girly voice that says you are defeated and surrendering, you’re not a man anymore. You’re an object of contempt and derision.

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9 thoughts on “PUA/Game: Men: Whatever You Do in Life, Don’t Totally Puss Out”

  1. When you’re hiding under the covers and sleeping your life away, you’re still a man. When you get that soft, high-pitched girly voice that says you are defeated and surrendering, you’re not a man anymore. You’re an object of contempt and derision.

    I think one should not very hard on themselves. It is OK to go “soft and high-pitched” sometimes and let out those timid feelings. Even in the presence of women. They won’t judge you for it, especially the normal ones.

    I have cried in front of women including whores. It is fine as long as you don’t go overboard. I mean once you let out those nasty suppressed feelings, you feel better anyway. So, why suppress them? Just wipe your tears and girly shit once you come to your senses and be a man once again.

    “She-men” are the ones who CONSTANTLY whine and gripe about their lives. Everyone’s out to get them, life is unfair to them, they’re just melodramatic and won’t stop. EVER.

    It’s perfectly fine to let out those buried emotions once in a while. Even if you’re a man.

    1. Well, to be honest, even though they are often funny and a reaction to Cultural Left snobbishness, the Facebook memes seem to be whining, I think. I seriously think some of these WASPs have an axe to grind, and they’d be better off focusing on money or something else.

  2. Yeah, she-men look at heaven and see hell. Look at Dayton Hypernova, he sees transphobes, bullies, skinheads, ect. everywhere they are not. If you’re guided by emotions, you’re going to be fucked up. Face it, an emotional state isn’t a clear one.

    1. Like Hillary calling people deplorables? No, there’s a difference between hardcore WNs and average “conservative Americans”. In fact, hardcore WN stuff hasn’t caught on with modern American society – not even in the Bible belt.

      1. Boys that cry White wolf. The SissyJewboyWhite crew is just backwards. When they cry “bully, Nazi, homophobe, racist, sexist.” they mean a strong moral heterosexual White man.

        1. There is such a thing as organized harassment, and liberals do it also. However, to make generalizations about groups like “fly-over country” is a no no.

          Anyhow, when organized harassment exists, all you can do is leave or fight back, but going around being a tattle-tale or nark can be counter-productive just as much as physically fighting back or verbal comebacks.

          In fact, in regards to “traditional young people, all they respect is a jackass (no matter their appearance) or someone proven to be super-powerful in sports/music etc…They would change their mind about someone like that.

        2. Actually you are correct in a lot of cases. Nowadays just being a regular guy gets you called sexist, homophobe, bigot, etc. And being a regular White guy gets you called racist and bully.

          I grew up with a bunch of regular guys. Actually that literally means an ordinary, “regular”, masculine straight man, at least in White culture. It sort of means regular guy, as in: “not a pussy or a fag.”

    1. Exactly. No matter how fucked up things get, you really ought to still hold onto that if you are holding onto anything at all.

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