On Niggermania, Chimpout, and Other Racist Humor Sites

Apparently laughing at racist jokes makes you a racist. I don’t know about that. I mean some awful humor is really funny, right?

The guys at Niggermania and Chimpout are basically awful people. And everyone on there is damned racist. To any Black people on this site – trust me, they are not your friends!

However, I did used to go there for a while because they were so damned hilarious. I mean I might feel guilty for laughing, but that stuff was damned funny. Sure, a lot of it was cruel, but it wasn’t murderous or genocidal. They were mostly just ridiculing Blacks and definitely looking down on them. They regarded them as hilarious objects of derision.

However, the overall mood there was not particularly hateful in most of the humor forums. It seemed like they were laughing too hard at Blacks to get into really vicious and malicious hatred of them. Have you ever noticed that when people are rolling on the floor laughing, even if they are ridiculing someone, it seems hard for them to hate that person? Laughter seems to dissipate brutal hatred and vice versa.

Unless you are a gleaming-eyed sadist, it seems that you are either laughing or hating, but you can’t really do both to a full extent. The more you laugh, the more the truly vicious hatred seems to take a back seat. It’s like if you let that brutal hatred in, you wouldn’t be able to laugh so hard.

Also when you are laughing at someone, you aren’t taking them seriously. It order to destructively hate someone, it seems that you have to stop laughing about them and start to take them very seriously. Real  hatred is not a laughing matter. It’s serious stuff. Do you follow?

There was a feature called Nigger World Tour on one of those sites. I forget which. It’s not what you think. It’s a tour, travelogue, or guide to the Black countries of the world. And face it, a lot of them are pretty screwed up. That was one of the funniest things I’ve ever read.

Those sites are not White Supremacist. WN’s keep trying to join but the sites keep shooting them down by saying that they only dislike Blacks; they don’t dislike other races. There are quite a few non-White anti-Black racists on there. There are some Asians and Hispanics on there, and there is a rather shocking number of Indians on there. I get the feeling that Indians really don’t like Black people.

It feels bad to pity Black people, but it’s sad how many other races don’t like them. On the other hand, maybe that’s a warning sign that too many Black people don’t act real great. I mean where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

If only a couple of other groups hated Blacks, we could chalk it up to other things or unreason. But when the dislike extends to all sorts of different groups that don’t have much connection to each other, it’s hard to make the case that all of the animus is utterly irrational, which is the anti-racist line of course.

Racism in general is immoral for sure, but a lot of it is not entirely irrational. Do you blame Israeli Jews for hating Arabs? I am pro-Palestinian and I utterly despise Israel and don’t think much of the Jews who live there, but one must look at this fairly.

If you are a Jew and you live there, Arabs are people who are trying to murder you. I have a hard time not disliking people who want to murder me, sorry. I don’t care how much I deserve it. If you want to murder me and would definitely do it if you could get access to me and carry it out, I’m sorry. I’m going to hate y’all.

On those Black humor sites, I would laugh my ass off and then feel guilty. I do have a confession to make though, and I really hate to say it. It felt damn good to laugh at Black people. Now I don’t want to laugh at my Black friends because I like them, they act good, and I don’t like to belittle and ridicule my friends. Why did it feel good to laugh at anti-Black humor?

It’s like with women in the post recently. I’m a liberal. I’ve been a liberal my whole life. I’ve never felt a lot of overt hatred or dislike for Black people, even when I should have when I taught in the ghetto.

I used to joke that at the end of the school day, I was ready to join the KKK, but that wasn’t really true. Also most of the Black teachers and administrators were fine people. Even some of the Black kids were perfectly ok, especially in high school. The lower grades acted a lot worse.

But the hatred was mixed in with pity. I really got the feeling that some of the younger ones could not control themselves. There was one intelligent 10 year old boy who I kept having to discipline. I started to feel sorry for him after a bit because it seemed like he could not control his boisterousness and jack in the box activity. It seemed like there was something wrong with him, at least at that developmental state.

So why did laughing at those sites feel so damned good. As a liberal I am not allowed to feel much hatred, rage, or even anger at Black people. I simply don’t experience that, even when reading about vicious Black crimes. It’s like I’ve been immunized not to think that way.

But I am absorbing all of that tidal wave of bad Black behavior anyway. And apparently it’s been pissing me off, even though I don’t experience it much cognitively. I either suppress or even repress my rage. At any rate, I push it down inside of me, bury it. In psychology, some think that you don’t really bury anything. Instead you’re just putting a lid on a boiling pot.

Obviously any of your interred stuff tends to come out in dreams. But it can come out in other ways. Suppression and repression are like putting a lid on a pan of boiling water. You think you are going to stop the boiling action by capping it, but really all you do is delay it, and sooner or later, the suppressed boiling action bubbles over the lid of the pan.

After pushing all that anger down, I get exposed to this anti-Black humor, and all that bottled-up rage that I stored up as a liberal unable to express anger towards these people came pouring out. It felt very good, like a pack of rocks had been lifted from my shoulders. It was also a harmless outlet for this bottled-up anger because I won’t allow myself to express it in any other way.

I realize sites like this are wrong, but racist humor is like bullying and a lot of other unpleasant and probably permanent aspects of being human. It’s not going away. So what to do, then?

I thought hey, why don’t Blacks make sites like this making fun of us Whites in a similar way? As long as it wasn’t too vicious, I would  probably laugh at it. Paul Mooney’s humor is very anti-White, but I roll on the floor every time I hear him. He spears us Whites hard and deep, and damn if we don’t deserve it.

I haven’t been to those sites in a while, as I feel too guilty to go there.

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7 thoughts on “On Niggermania, Chimpout, and Other Racist Humor Sites”

  1. There are some Asians and Hispanics on there, and there is a rather shocking number of Indians on there. I get the feeling that Indians really don’t like Black people.

    I was a member too (on NM). They banned me for coming out in support of Will Smith, one of my favorite actors. It was a pretty innocous remark:

    Sure all blacks are like this… (despite the site rules, I’d rarely use the N-word as I wasn’t taking myself seriously there) but Will Smith rocks.

    But that was like at least 10-12 years ago I think. I no longer feel a need to visit their site because I don’t really find them funny anymore. Their traffic is way down and even Google refuses to respond to their search suggestions (maybe because of a DNS blacklist).

    There are some Asians and Hispanics on there, and there is a rather shocking number of Indians on there. I get the feeling that Indians really don’t like Black people.

    Dude do you know how many Indians are online? At least twice the population of the United States. Out of which at least 10 percent speak English. So, there’s bound to be a few losers on NM and Chimpout. Hell you can find Indians all over Stormfront or other Nazi sites including Breitbart.

    Indians hating Blacks is so lame. I mean many look Black themselves. Not me, I probably have some Nordic Aryan blood. 😀 😁 But honestly, I don’t get the problems many other Indians do because I look Pakistani or Arabic/Persian type.

    I didn’t mean Blacks are ugly or something. I think Will Smith is a very handsome man, I’d like to bump into him someday and have a chat. Denzel Washington, very handsome and manly.

    Many Indians just look lame, they look neither Black nor Brown. They’re just mutants.

    It’s rich of them to band together with White racists and join sites like NM.

    Based on my observations, White racists and Indian KKK Hindutvadi racists are a match made in Hell. They like and deserve each other. Donald Trump supporters and Narendra Modi supporters have an unusual bonhomie which seems unbelievable but perfectly falls together because they’re all the same category of shitheads.
    😀 😁😀 😁😀 😁

    Unless you are a gleaming-eyed sadist, it seems that you are either laughing or hating, but you can’t really do both to a full extent.

    I disagree. A lot of Hindutvadi racists you find on Twitter hate Muslims with a passion. They also have fun at their expense, making fun of their circumcision, prayers…with a prevailing stereotype that all Muslim girls are whores.

    I think the hate is very real, dude. Also what I saw on NM or Stormfront, I don’t think I’d ever like to meet those people in real. They’re just damaged goods. And bad news.

    1. What is your nationality/ethnicity? Robert says you are Bengali. Does that mean you are Bangladeshi? You say you may have Nordic White genes. Haha. You sound exactly like the insecure, inferiorty complex wannabe White Indians and Pakistanis on the internet.

      You are not related to this wannabe White Bengali retard, are you?

      Here to remind you again that Pakistanis thought were lowly of Bengalis. In Dacca following the election (in which Shaikh Mujibur Rahman won) a general said “Don’t worry, we will not allow these BLACK BASTARDS to rule over us”.

      “We will make you breed Punjabi children” – said a Pakistani soldier as he was raping a Bengali woman.

      Most Pakistanis to this day support the genocide. Watch this video and look at the comments:

      “at least those children will be tall and handsome”
      “Remember when Bengali girls were moaning with our dicks in them”
      “Fuck kangladeshi randis from Pakistan”
      “These girls liked it, it’s better than HIV infected bengalis, that’s why they like Pakistani lund”

      LOL This is what Pakistanis think of Bengalis.

      This is why they let Bangladesh go. They never cared for it. On the other hand, these hypocrites are dying for Kashmir, just because Kashmiris are fair skinned on average and because Kashmir is very beautiful and full of resources.

  2. The comments of common Filipinos is shockingly ignorant – but also of most other Asians – and probably Latinos. It’s comically ignorant – really. I mean, only swamp running Klan people would say that in the US.

    Well, it’s not a matter of them being un-PC. It’s just overboard stupid.

  3. Whites are always the perpetrators of racism, they can’t dance, and they smell like mayonnaise.

    Don’t get me started…”Whites” in the U.S. exist in this weird twilight zone where they risk being branded a racists for enjoying the truth reflected in humor and/or the reinforcement of obvious sampling error which the keen instantly recognize as the ironic rub.

    For me, as a rule, boundaries in general discourse vary with regard to the ethnic makeup of those in my proximity. But the boundaries are ‘mobile’. However, not everyone is like me.

    If a sensible, good person spots something funny to laugh at from a distance and others are clueless as to how to parse reality and think critically enough to separate feelings from gray matter if but for a moment, let them bitch, suffer, and squeal for their learning curves. If that makes sense.

    Bottom line: censorship is irreconcilable with free speech. Some rapper, Immortal Technique I think, called it when he said something like “There’s no diversity because we’re burning in the melting pot,” or whatever. Society is being ruined by this mass compulsion to censor and discipline on behalf of the legions of pussies with milquetoasts for parents.

    Niggers, kikes, crackers, beaners, sandninggers, etc.: none of us are impervious to mortality. I say get busy living. Get a fuckin’ hobby people. Mine’s tinkering, reading, and Netflix/PORN. I don’t care about you and your words! BAHAHA.

    1. Mayonnaise! I wondered what chemical composition of that B.O. of mine is when I was out away from civilization on a remote contract job for a week. Thanks for clearing it up with that citation. Better than the smell of ‘wet dog’ or ‘poop’ I guess. Hahaha!

      I too enjoy my hobbies; motorsports and reading, but mostly electronics. Lots of reading there, the challenge of designing and making gear that does what I want, and even the unwanted and rare excitement of sparks and smoke! That is a learning experience. Technology is my PORN.

      As for the site – yes, there are some funny jokes there, but it’s not my go-to, and I hadn’t even been there in years because it’s just the same old crap I’m not so interested in. Jokes are based on stereotypes and if we can’t laugh at all kinds of stereotypes without freaking out on specific ones, then there’s a mental deficit.

      This leads me to point out that we face an increasing shortage of tampons in the US. The reason for this is not supply chain; instead it is the recent dramatic increase in the number of pussies in this country.

      1. Japanese took to mayonnaise also. They’ve a place that makes everything out of mayo. Yum yum sauce is the master race of mayonnaise. They’ve out mayoed us. Fried chicken and watermelon is better than a condiment though.

      2. That’s really interesting about tech and electronics. You pursue it almost as an intellectual exercise!

        I haven’t been to either site in ages. My co-blogger is an antiracist Black woman and she made me feel guilty about going there because she doesn’t think Whites should go to a site like that. I shouldn’t listen to her but I do. She’s turning into my Mom! But maybe that’s not so bad because I love my Mom.

        This leads me to agree or point out that we face an increasing shortage of tampons in the US. The reason for this is not supply chain, but is the recent dramatic increase in the number of pussies in this country.


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