Does Shaming Stop Behavior?

Actually, in regards to things which are in-born characteristics (fat, skinny, race etc.) it doesn’t. In that case, it’s no wonder the Cultural Left is so more powerful. I mean, the most you get from shaming is a lot of resentment, but this fact is lost on the Cultural Right who think they can bully people into being what they want. Well, maybe they can but they won’t get true believers.

Real Remorse and Change

It’s like when I took tips from a table at a restaurant, got in trouble but then felt bad about it because I loved the people at the restaurant.

For example

So, if a fat person truly has to change to save their health (some fat people don’t), they can be encouraged to change in a nice way – a way which produced a genuine convert.

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3 thoughts on “Does Shaming Stop Behavior?”

  1. Cultural Left seem like a confused mess. We need to stop Victim Culture. If you weren’t raped just shut up and drink your Hollynog.

    1. Some of the Cultural Left makes sense, like anti-fat shaming, but other parts don’t. In general, girls acting slutty isn’t an inborn characteristic like being fat. Being slutty is a choice and guys by nature are predators.

      1. Personal point of privelige. I say throw the fat cunt out with the bathwater. They’re too soft to really stand for anything. The cultural left has too many demons, triggers, and contradictions.

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