A Black Man Tried to Join the KKK

Polar Bear: Hard to take a Black NS salute seriously.

There’s an actual true story about a Black man who sincerely tried to join the KKK. He approached a local group and asked to join. The KKK guys were taken aback:

You’re Black. Why in the Hell do you want to join the KKK?

The Black man said:

I don’t like niggers either.

Even my Mom thinks that one is funny, and she’s not actually racist at all, though SJW’s would say she is because she is a longstanding race realist.

I am told that racial or racist humor is not funny, and no one is supposed to laugh at it else you are a racist. I don’t know about that.

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5 thoughts on “A Black Man Tried to Join the KKK”

  1. I could of sworn I read an article about a Black man wanting to join the KKK in Reader’s Digest many, many years ago.

  2. Is this like the joke about the black who painted himself white, got beat up – over and over – by blacks – and eventually found himself hating blacks?

  3. As a kid growing up in the 90’s, I apparently lacked a true sense of what good ole Dad (Black guy) said true work ethic ought to be. Back then yard work was the pits without a weedeater or a self-propelled lawn mower lol. He was always like “Get it together, son,” or something worse on rare occasions. When those rare moments happened, Dad would call me a nigger to my face.

    “And that’s what you are if you’re gonna behave like this!!” or something. Those weren’t his best moments. A well-reasoned comment would’ve sufficed. But I got his point…he was always going on and on about his ignorant Black relatives and how they would mooch off him. *grunting* “Those…those…they’re niggers, JB” lol. He didn’t want me to inherit a victimization mentality from being a descendant of the “slave caste”.

    Sowell’s got a good book called Black Rednecks and White Liberals. Parts resonate with some of my own ideas. Everybody’s mixed, share same alleles or whatever. What primarily influences advantage isn’t racial identity. People are just uninformed (I basically have an 11th grade education with 1 year community college) and/or stupid. That’s why I ponder the intriguing and point and laugh at the absurd. Life is good! 😛

    1. Er, I meant to say people sometimes just suck at making basic decisions for a myriad of possible reasons but not for lack of gray matter. The blame game and your little feelings don’t render the rules everyone plays by to make it in society illegitimate, nor do they render humor illegitimate. Also, fuck the KKK lol.

      White power.

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