Alt Left: An Educated Public Is Bad for Israel

Some pro-Israel activists think that is only people were more educated about the Israel-Palestine issue, they would be more likely to support Israel. In fact, I doubt if that is true. Indeed, I would say that the less someone knows about the conflict, the more likely they are to support Israel.

The more someone learns about it, the more likely they go anti-Israel. Jews would best benefit from keeping people as ignorant as possible about these issues. It’s like political science and economics.

I really hate to admit it, but once I started looking deeply into this issue for the first time in my early 40’s, I rather quickly become pro-Palestine and extremely anti-Israel. It took me a mere few months of very intensive research to do so.

I also realized that I had been pretty much taught a pack of lies about this issue. I was also quite angry at my country and especially my media because I felt that they had lied to me for the first 43 years of my life about this issue. I became rather jaded towards Jewish people because I realized that they had been instrumental in selling me this clever nonsense.

So you see, education about this issue is a two-edged sword. From the Israeli POV, I would say that the less a Gentile knows about this issue, the more they support Israel. I realized that the Jews and their supporters had to come up with this clever pack of lies in order to sell their necessary project, that is, to survive. We all have to survive.

I also realized that the Arabs have not exactly been on good behavior on this issue either. For all the talk of Zionazis, the Arab cause has been nothing but sheer terrorism of the most vicious type from Day One. They haven’t even tried to sugarcoat it. Look at this:

This list was appalling. I don’t particularly mind the attacks officials of the Israeli government. It’s a dirty guerrilla war after all. But look at how many of those attacks are simply against Jewish people, synagogues, restaurants, etc. They’re attacking Jews for being Jews!

Are the Jews in the Diaspora squatting in Palestine? Nope. So the Palestinian cause is to attack all of the Jewish people in the Diaspora? The Palestinians should be happy there is a Diaspora. From their POV, that’s where the Jews should be. I am sorry, but attacking Jews as Jews is an old game. Most recently, Mr. Hitler did that. Anti-Semitic political attacks are ugly stuff.

As far as my position, of course I am inclined to let the Palestinians run free in Israel and let nature take its course. The problem is that they probably won’t simply build humble abodes and make themselves at home. I am very worried that they will start a guerrilla war and start killing Jews. Look at the wars in the Arab World, and you might end up with that.

I don’t know the solution, but I am willing to let all the Jews stay where they are as long as they let the natives mingle. On the other hand, I don’t want to see a guerrilla war on Jews. In any just solution, the Jews of Israel need to be able to live in peace in their land without maniacs trying to murder them.

Whatever crimes the Jews of Israel have committed, the Palestinians have committed offenses of equal amorality or worse. And whatever their failings of the civilian Jews of Israel, I don’t think they deserve the death penalty. In particular, though I am not happy about Israeli Jews at all, it’s clear that they are all completely brainwashed.

I opposed killing Nazi civilians, for Chrissake. I can’t condone killing Israeli civilians. The last round of Jew-killing was particularly horrific, and I personally don’t have the stomach for much more large scale Jew-killing. I think a lot of the rest of the world feels the same way.

I don’t even oppose all Israeli parties. I could live with the Meretz Left and of course Hadash (Communist Party of Israel).

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11 thoughts on “Alt Left: An Educated Public Is Bad for Israel”

  1. I could live with the Meretz Left and of course Hadash (Communist Party of Israel).

    But aren’t all Jews communists?

    1. LOL almost zero Israeli Jews are Communists. And there’s probably nothing that the vast majority of Israeli Jews hate more than Israeli Communists or any Communists for that matter. Israel isn’t a Communist country. It never was. Israel is the opposite. Israel is an out and out fascist state of the pure ethnic nationalist variety. Israelis aren’t Communists – they’re fascists for God’s sake! And there’s nothing a fascist hates worse than a Communist.

      You can see just how retarded this insane anti-Semitic “Jews are Commies” crap is. It’s such nonsense.

  2. It amazes me how violent the rest of the world is in comparison with the “violence virgin” USA. I mean, what is Israel and Palestine? It’s probably smaller than East Tennessee yet a billion times more violent.

    Well, I guess in the US you could say Chicago and other urban areas are small, but seem bigger due to the violence.

  3. I don’t like civilians casualties either. Jew broads being hot is all Israel has going for it. Israel’s a parasite nation – look at the food. It’s all Palestinian.

    A part of Europe lives in Jews, as they mixed with Europeans. I believe they bred with White slaves they had as domestics. “If your daughter becomes nubile, free your slave and give her to him in marriage” Talmud. I think Whites are a blood host for Jews. The Jews with the highest IQ mixed w/Whites the most. No one supports Jews more than Whites to this very day. Now Europe and the US are slaves to Israel.

  4. The idea of Jews as golden calves, also indefensible. Jews are seen as the most sacred of cows. Face it, you’re better off talking about any other group. Why is this group more sacred than any other? Because God said Jews were his “Chosen”? Perhaps it was Satan.

    1. I don’t hate Jews but I have to admit, as a group, they sure get on my damned nerves sometimes. I really can’t stand the Israelis and pro-Israelis – they’re just fascist monsters. But it also really gets on my nerves when they scream anti-Semite, Nazi, bigot, hater, etc. every ten minutes.

      I’ve met a lot of people who told me that they always liked Jews or were even Judeophilic, but recently Jews are really starting to get on their nerves. What’s the reason? Constant screaming anti-Semite, Nazi, hater, bigot, racist any time you look at them wrong or say two words against them. Jews are really starting to piss people off with this paranoid, hair trigger victim crap.

      Granted, real anti-Semites do exist (I have met them), and I assure you that real deal anti-Semites are not good for the Jews. Jews are fully within their rights to regard these people as their enemies.

      But 80% of the time a Jew yells anti-Semite, it’s a hallucination. The person’s not an anti-Semite and that comment was not anti-Semitic at all. In fact, it’s typically just a true statement about Jewish people. I guess the truth is anti-Semitic!

      1. Exactly. Most don’t hate them racially. I myself am a Semitophile even. Jews using the term “anti-semite” itself seems like a half-truth or trickery, especially when launched at Arabs. Imagine a mulatto or octaroon accusing a full blooded Negro of “hating Blacks”.

        Many things about Jews push Gentiles of sound mind away. Put the great Gentile minds in a room, it’d be like a haunted house for Jews. They want good Jews but they embrace inferior allies. I look at all sides and study Jews. What I like about them is they contrast with Whites and Arabs despite being a racial bridge between the two.

      2. As clever as so many Jews are, at the end of the day, they are their own worst enemies. They way they behave brings on that very “anti-semitic” backlash they’re conditioned to live in constant fear of.

        1. I was thinking that the other day when Robert said they went back to Germany to get their properties back. They have an arrogance or Chutzpah towards enemies. They joke that one Jew in a group would ruin it for everyone else. Saying they don’t celebrate Christmas to people sparing their lives for Christmas.

          Then so paranoid of their friends and rude. Almost everyone could easily end up against them. Also such obsessive paranoia’s not a sign of innocence.

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