Alt Left: America: Society as Casino

Americans are truly some of the stupidest people on Earth.


  • 25% of Americans say that they are in the top 1% income bracket.
  • 50% of Americans say they will be millionaires some day.

Those figures are more pathetic than laughable, and the laugh they elicit is a cruel and downcast one that leaves you shaking your head at dangerous folly.

Looking at those figures above: this isn’t even a true society. It’s Society as Lottery or Casino. Call it Lottery World or Casino World – a political economy that is based on the notion that we are all deluded gamblers who insist that we will strike it rich at the casino called Society one day.


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One thought on “Alt Left: America: Society as Casino”

  1. It boils down to the Buddhist and Christian teachings that people are never satisfied. I mean, someone in the middle class wanting even more more money via real estate or something? I think one problem is that it becomes a “fun game”.

    But anyhow, everything is relative. For instance, the life of trailer trash (or government housing trash) is paradise to someone in prison.

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