The Racial/Family Crime

North Korea practices this idea. This is the idea that a person is born a criminal. Now, in North Korea if you go to one of their political prison camps you will find kids there who committed no crimes because the families have to punished up to a certain generation. This is exactly like what you see in Bible passage, and the Bible certainly believes in  the same concept of genetic crimes – shockingly!

With the African slave trade many of the Whites tried to justify the enslavement of the innocent – even children – by just saying Africans had committed a racial crime – a notable one being “The Curse of Ham”.

In regards to White Nationalists – they also believe in racial crime, but not really. Well, genetics doesn’t make someone a criminal – only a disabled person. In other words, to White Nationalists, a lot of non-Whites are genetically challenged, yet, out of cruelty, they hate them anyway! How about that?


Yes, the caste system assumes people committed some crime in the past (a past life) that they need redemption for, and in the meantime, these people can be treated like dirt because they’re a caste criminal.

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