Alt Left: The Problem with Blacks Isn’t Numbers – It’s Percentages

Jason: In the US, with areas with too many Blacks, it’s always the same picture. The keywords are “too many”.

I don’t agree the problem with Blacks is sheer numbers. It’s more like their percentage of the population. We have a population of 65,000 people here. 4% of them are Black. That’s 4,000 Blacks. They’re basically awful but their numbers are so low that for all intents and purposes, they cause few problems as long as you simply ignore them, which is the best thing to do in most cases.

But if you had a small town of 10,000 with 4,000 Blacks as awful as the ones in my town are, now you have a 40% Black population, and that may well be a problem. I’m not really sure because I don’t know much about small town Blacks and whether they act different there or not.

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10 thoughts on “Alt Left: The Problem with Blacks Isn’t Numbers – It’s Percentages”

  1. My deepest concern with Blacks is the percentage of them will be too high. Most Blacks I’m friendly with are model citizens. I just don’t want more Blacks than anyone. I’ve seen it happen on jobs, and everyone secretly hates it. World population charts I’ve seen show Asians in the lead, but as the years progress, they show Asians lead decreasing and Black African population rising far higher than any other.

    I don’t mind a little bronzing of Northern Whites in America via semi-White Mestizos, though I’d rather see North American Indian tribes flourish. We’re better off with the sun never setting on the Spanish Empire than the Black cannibalization of the Earth.

    1. I don’t know what to say about that. Black population in the US is 13% for…well…forever, really. And it’s projected to be 13% until the end of my life. Which is just fine with me.

      I’m quite aware that Black people as a group are a bit of a problem. Everyone wants to know what to do about this. I don’t have any answers. But the first thing I always say is:

      Quit importing them. 13% is plenty. Keep it at that level, please. Now if they only let in the best and brightest of the Blacks, I have no issues. It’s already like that with Black Africans. We turn down over 99% of the Nigerians who apply for visas.

      Blacks in Africa (and possibly the Caribbean) are far more problematic than the ones we have here. We have the most intelligent and highest achieving Blacks on Earth here. I suppose some might laugh at me when I say that, but it’s true. Things could always be much worse.

      I spent a lot of time working with West African Blacks and their behavior is horrendous. It’s off the charts bad. We also had many US Blacks in our group and the contrast between the two groups was stunning. The US Blacks were more civilized nearly by an order of magnitude.

      As far as the world goes, FTW. Fuck the world. I’m not going to experience this Black flooding of the planet as it will occur after I die. So, to be selfish, I will say that I don’t really care. That’s for others to deal with.

      1. As far as the world goes, FTW. Fuck the world. I’m not going to experience this Black flooding of the planet, as it will occur after I die. So, to be selfish, I will say that I don’t really care. That’s for others to deal with.

        You can’t do nothing about it anyway, nor can WN’s.

      2. Robert, you may be reincarnated as a chicken in the Blackest area of Africa. I believe your spirit will live on after death in some way, at the very least in the memory of this blog. Keeping a lid on it will be better for everyone but Africans – things will get much more horrendous for them.

      3. Whites won’t have large families, so all the laws/non-White deportations in the world won’t eventually stop their (Whites’) semi-extinction.

        Whose fault is that? Well, the modern culture is to blame.

        1. I’m against Hell on Earth. It’s insulting to single out a group but cruel to let the wound fester. Whites have to take a “FA, Fuck Africa” approach for their own good, but I doubt a bunch of fuzzy-wuzzy White Lion King lovers could ever let the Mammy Continent rot.

          1. Whites won’t have babies. I’m not going to hate Africans for something Whites are not willing to do.

            It all boils down to people thinking they can get something for nothing. In this case, White preservation and expansion without having large families.

    2. High percentage black areas, not low percentage ones, will probably get demolished (by the government) anyway eventually, but now I think it’s profitable for the government to keep them around.

      Also why say Black cannibalization when I’ve seen a lot of evidence that mulatto Whites in the U.S. are pretty harmless? I think the problem is that a lot of WN’s just hate Blacks, period. Not open minded to new ideas because they venomously hate them.

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