The Danger of Mulattoes and How to Prevent the Problem in a Non-racist Way

Mulattoes (or Mexicans etc..) could overtake the USA like orcs or something, but honestly, it’s only the fault of Whites because they simply won’t breed. They’d have to have families of 5 or more in pure White families to make sure that threat didn’t happen.

It’s like marketing. How can anyone expect a business to grow and dominate with no capital?

Abe Lincoln was one in many who was distrustful of interracial marriage because he figured they would breed, dominate population-wise, and then try to boss around White people. It’s kind of like in the Bible where the these demonic beings had sex with humans to create “great men,” and these “great men” became bullies (now the known mythological gods like Zeus and Appolo) – ushering in Noah’s flood.

Mulattoes Are Not from Demonic Activity

Of course. It’s not the same. However, you could bring up what I was saying.

Why Won’t Modern Whites Breed?

It’s mostly because of the modern style of life. However, people need to get back to the primitive ways or whites could face being a “bossed around” minority chronically.

The Ideal State for Now in the US

A pure White majority with a substantial, non-threatening mulatto minority. Now the keyword here is that everyone in the US needs to be so comfortable with others –  that they can marry who they want – without it being a big deal.

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