Skinny Shaming at the Bus Station

Well, it was the early 2000s. I was at a bus station in Knoxville, TN, so Mr. Wendell, the neighborhood Black beggar, asks for me for money, and I didn’t have any, even showing the empty wallet.

Next, out of anger he looks over my body and calls me a pussy lol, and some White guys giggle in background.

But seriously, race issues aside, what do I owe bums in general? They don’t do anything for me. I mean, if they can beg for a living, providing nothing in return, then why not me? Well, I guess I could tell people I’m starving to death lol.

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3 thoughts on “Skinny Shaming at the Bus Station”

  1. My father paid every black grifter in TN that asked when we were on vacation there. My thought was we’re lucky the guy didn’t shoot or mug us. I’ve read skinnys are preferred in prison. I was a skinny kid – it takes longer to get fat so it’s a good thing. There’s a misfit hierarchy and being skinny, having a big dick, etc. rank pretty low.

    1. Yeah, of course skinny dudes are liked in prison because they are more womanly, and there are no women, of course!

  2. What groups of women are skinniest? Western Europe – French petites. Eastern Europe- East Slavs. Now SHI and Robert, what country in the Middle East has the skinniest women? What specific region of India has skinniest women? I’ve seen dark, skinny Indians from somewhere, dark elves I call them.

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