Nazi Program to Eliminate the Misfits

Unlike the Jews, these people didn’t do anything to deserve it seemingly. The Nazis said they were “using up people’s money”. But seriously, what money? They were using up private money. I wasn’t aware a welfare state existed at the time. Anyway, I don’t advocate eliminating gimps and retards, even if it’s true they’re using up government money programs or  even living off them.

Now, comically, there are some White Nationalists who want to praise the “Benevolent White Man,” when it’s historical fact that the Nazis tried to kill anyone needy.

Now on top of this travesty was the fact that “out of benevolence” but really only greed lol – many Western Whites also enslaved Blacks – men, women, and children (What did children do to possibly deserve this?) – and exposed them to the worst tortures and humiliation! And then after that subjected them to a police state for many years after.

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2 thoughts on “Nazi Program to Eliminate the Misfits”

  1. Mentally handicapped are innocent. I feel they can be dangerous too, like Lenny in Of Mice and Men. Lenny’s like an SJW in a way – he just tends rabbits instead of rats.

    1. Well, high testosterone mentally handicapped people would be Blacks in prison probably. So I suppose it’s combo of more things going on.

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