Alt Left: The Basic Law of Human Beings

Polar Bear: Black women basically operate on jungle law. I have seen it with old model blacks even. If an injustice favors them personally, they are all for it. A White Dudley Do Right will demand equality for his coworkers at his own expense. A house slave will be harder on her fellow slaves because only master butters her bread.

I don’t think this is particular to Black women. Blacks period seem to operate on this crude calculus.

And in fairness to Blacks, most groups are like this. Why do you think Identity Politics is so nasty and toxic? Because that’s what IP supporters are like – all IP movements support any injustices against the enemy group that benefits the identity group in question. SJW’s aren’t really about justice at all.

They’re for injustice as much as they are for injustice. Most SJW’s believe we need to commit injustices against certain bad groups to benefit certain good  groups. That’s not exactly justice if you ask me. It’s just sheer vengeance and retaliation.

Feminists are like this, and most women support these feminist injustices that harm men but help women.

I think most ethnic groups feel this way too, but I am having a bit of a hard time proving that at the moment.

Also, Whites supported injustices against other groups for many years on the basis that it was good for us. This whole thing of Whites turning into Dudley Do Rights and voluntarily surrendering power is a fairly new thing.  It is not just Whites who do this. It is also men. Whites and men are two of the few groups in the world that I can think of who have voluntarily ceded power to other groups and who have dismantled injustices that benefited us.

And what do we get for this saintly, self-sacrificing behavior? Endless attacks from the groups we gave up our privileges to attacking us for being the essence of pure evil. You can’t win.

I think that Whites and men, specifically White men, are some of the most moral people on Earth at the moment. You see anyone else voluntarily surrendering power and supporting things that harm their own group simply because they think that the policies they benefit from are immoral and hence should be dismantled?

White women have been in on this to some extent, but since feminism, they have become very angry and selfish. In a word, due to feminism, women are all hopped up and looking for paybacks.

An awful lot of people in the world believe:

Right/Good: Anything that benefits me.
Wrong/Bad: Anything that is bad for me.

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5 thoughts on “Alt Left: The Basic Law of Human Beings”

  1. Yeah, @Robert Lindsay is right about this. In fact, all identity politics is some scam to say, “What our group does is always right – while the same thing done by another group is wrong.”.

    1. Exactly! Damn Jason, I am so damned proud of you. You get it! Good job man, good job. And good thinking, too!

  2. Whites’ saintly self-sacrificing of power

    Whites are like angels of light carefully tying a bow around a crafty anti-White demons horn or high elves trying to gently put flowers on savage orcs trying to butcher them. “Don’t forget me, my fellow humans…” as they go off to die in the last castle ruins of the last forest – the last of their breed.

    1. In the US, with areas with too many Blacks, it’s always the same picture. The keywords are “too many”.

      Anyway, how kind are White Nationalists anyway? They don’t seem too kind to the disabled, effeminate men, fat or skinny people – and other misfits who aren’t causing crime. What did those people do to deserve this singling out?

      1. There are moral and immoral from National Socialists to Jews, Jason.

        WN isn’t hardcore at all. In my town a tranny is in a prominent leadership position and proclaims “Trangendered people are sacred!” No one but Whites would accept this. We Whites are in that way the most backwards of the lot. Generally speaking: Whites need to be less like faeries.

        Blacks need to behave less like animals – rape is kind of a big deal.

        We need fewer Mestizo-13 gangs.

        Jewish elite need to stop being evil in general – maybe start by not fucking kids.

        Effeminate men are an SNL skit, not a race or culture worth preserving.

        There’s more to a “misfit” than its abnormality – a lot of real disabled reject their disability or try not to have it define them.

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