PUA/Game: The Staring Wars

Jason: Well, if gawking brought it on, then it’s tough to make justification for it. I mean, gawking can get you killed in prison, for instance.

Well, I have problems with gawking, and it’s stirred up major problems with females at restaurants and colleges. At the college, some tried to discourage me by making fun of my cross-eyed-ness LOL.

Now in one college class, I was fascinated by this mulatto beauty and jealous of her gay friend, but I realized it was causing problems, so I moved to the other end of the class.

I have gotten staring complaints before. One of my brother’s friends who totally hates me complains that I “stare.” I haven’t the slightest idea what he is talking about, as he is apparently referring to men, and I don’t see why I would stare at men. I do look at  people. I people watch. Maybe that’s “staring” – I have no idea.

People have been saying this about me my whole life. At age 23, a friend told me, “I know you like to rape them with your eyes, Bob.” My thought was, “Yeah? So? That’s just normal. All men do that. At least I’m heterosexual!” This was in 1981, 38 years ago, when #metoo did not exist, and  male-female relations were absolutely superb.

When I was in my late 30’s-early 40’s, I used to frequent a coffee shop with a lot of hot baristas. It was not Gaybucks – actually it was called The Daily Grind.

This was run by sane people – not SJW scum – and this was also around 1995-2002, 17-24 years ago. No one cared about #metoo crap back then. It didn’t even exist.

Well, I was told by some of the baristas and the female owner that all girls said that I look at them.

“We know you look at all the girls, Bob. They all say that.”

The owner and the baristas acted like it was funny, like a joke. They also acted like they really didn’t care and weren’t going to do anything about it.

One of the baristas was an underage girl, and she was a severe cunt, especially for such a young girl. First she accused me of looking at her, and then she accused me of being gay (for leaning up against a wall with my legs crossed)! Like gay men spend all their time checking out women! I pointed out to her that this made no sense, but like a typical female, she just dug in her heels and insisted that her statements were perfectly logical.

She really hated that I looked at her, and she bitched about it a lot. I just laughed in her face and said:

“1. I’m not going to stop. 2. What are you going to do about it?”

She was steaming furious and it made me very happy to see this silly little teenie bitch all riled up.

I was supposedly still quite handsome back then, so maybe that’s why they didn’t care. Maybe Chad can stare, gawk, and check out women all he wants to, and women don’t really care.

Chad breaks all the rules!

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8 thoughts on “PUA/Game: The Staring Wars”

  1. At age 23, a friend told me, “I know you like to rape them with your eyes, Bob.”

    In India, that expression is actually a part of the vocabulary, used in Hindi, Gujarati and a few other languages. It’s an informal two word idiom whose English equivalent would be “eye rape”.

    I don’t have the balls to approach this girl. So, I’ll just “eye rape” her.

    Of course, I consider it an expression for losers and have never used it.

    But in India and especially Hindi language, the word “rape” itself is used loosely and does not carry negative connotations which I think is disturbing because of the country’s abnormally high rape statistics. You can use it freely around anyone even in an academic or professional setting.

    Even in the presence of women…rape jokes are a thing in India and have been always tolerated. Until now the women’s rights groups are up in arms but it’s not going to stop anytime soon.

    The rival team performed better. We just got raped.

    “She’s so hot.” — “Just go rape her”. Doesn’t suggest an actual rape, but just a compliment.

  2. A lot of eye-attention that isn’t incredibly annoying is beneficial for women because it’s another sucker way for women to get money lol.

    But Gaybucks employees are working for wages, not tips, I think.

    1. Really hot girls have told me they don’t mind all the extra male attention. I mean if a girl wants to be a model or just a celeb of some kind, it as a good sign that men notice her. The ones that don’t like it are likely the ugly whoregons that stare at the handsome men. Don’t stare back at Medusa!

        1. Some fringe politicians and religious right in India take it even further. They claim that “there’s nothing called rape. It’s really a figment of imagination. A Western concept which does not belong in India.”

          Some claim that if a woman doesn’t actively fight off her rapist, with scratches and nail marks, then she probably enjoyed the sex. Then it isn’t really rape, it’s just consensual sex.

          The challenge is there are scumbag lawyers who support these viewpoints.

          1. Jesus Christ your country is fucked up, man.

            Not “my country”, I am not a patriotard. I’m deeply embarrassed by any association with it. Nowadays I pose as a Pakistani or an Arab when meeting other nationalities. I do look the part

            LOL how fucked up your place has to be that being a Pakistani is a step up. From my point of view, women are nicer to Pakistani men than Indians because they don’t have that rapey reputation.

            Somewhat like a minority of Americans turning Canadians while traveling in Europe due to George W Bush’s policies.

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