The Chinese Restaurant That Hates the Customers

Hmm, this seems almost like the Soup Nazi episode on Seinfeld – lol. No, there is this restaurant (good food, though) that back in the 2000s had a reputation as a place with a hateful waitstaff. But why were they hateful? Now before we throw racist or misogynist arguments out there, let’s see why SJW’s might be right on this one, maybe.

I suspect the customers don’t tip the waitresses, and I suspect – this being Tennessee – that they’re racist. Perhaps they don’t tip as much because they’re racist. And the customers could be racist/sexist, so they simply see Chinese women as little whores or possible marriage partners, even to some old creep – lol.

Any thoughts on this?

Anyway, restaurants with a bitchy staff – and that includes traditional white ones – aren’t going to make as much money possibly and possibly they could go out of business! One in my hometown went out of business maybe cause of this, and another might not being doing as well as this other one where the workers/management literally kiss the ass of the customers.

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