People Who Totally Ignore the Problems of Other Races

Well, I can understand this to an extent. But it just seems mean or inhuman at times. Anyway, both the whites and blacks do this – some of them. I mean, a Facebook page of black identity politics is filled to the brim with “first things done by blacks” or “crimes committed against blacks – past, present, future”.

Now on the other hand, the mere mention of anything black – to a lot of country Tennessee whites – gets on their bad side fast – so get prepared to get teased. I mean, it could be a sensitive story about death by bullying or something – even done by other blacks – but these whites ignore it or bash it.

But White women or men who decide to date or marry Blacks probably get hell in Tennessee, even if they’re really not cunts with an attitude. He/she could be the most easy-going person who loves University of Tennessee football and the biggest Normie around, but they still probably face mass teasing and rejection. So I feel sorry for many of them.

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