It’s Tough Having a Losing Band

Yeah, it’s gotta be. I have a successful up and coming music lesson thing, but that’s not having a band. I just produce lessons – and it seems like that’s not tough not to do – at least in comparison with making songs that would make the top ten (in the US, etc.).

So I know at least one band that totally failed despite what was probably massive effort. I played with the band in high school, and the leader, who was a high school football player, made us practice all the time!

I’m not sure what would have gone wrong with this band later on. Perhaps they ran out of marketing money. For the music lesson thing I dished out  at least $4,000 to make a good social media following.

I think the more probable guess is they simply didn’t have music that people liked. Maybe they even sounded too much like other bands or maybe they were too unique. I don’t really know.

Can You Buy Fame for a Band Like with a Music Lesson Business?

It might be the case you can’t. There’s something magical about having those hit songs.

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