Face It: A Lot of Young People of Both Genders and a Lot of Races Act Pretty Bad

Polar Bear: Black female morality: A local Italian place has cheap food that didn’t sell during the day, so I stopped by a little bit ago. Me and another White man get their first but let all the ladies go first. A fairly diverse bunch of women take their food before us – fine.

A black lady takes as many plates as she can carry, so me and the other gentlemen get none. Me and the other guy looked at each other and both thought of a word.

That word you were both thinking of is exactly what this lousy women is, sorry. If Blacks don’t want to be called words like that, just act decent and civilized, and most of us won’t abuse you with slurs. If you act terrible you deserve every slur hurled your way.

Blacks do this sort of thing a lot, far more than any other race I can think of. The one adjective I think of when I think of a certain type of Black person is “inconsiderate.” Very inconsiderate and self-centered. You’re either not there or you don’t matter. All that matters is them getting whatever the need, come Hell or high water. Other people are either nonexistent or in the way.

In fact, I would say that most of a certain type of Black women are like this. I think there is something wrong with a certain type of Black person. You all know exactly who I am talking about. I’m not surely what exactly is wrong with them and why they act this way, but one of the purposes of this site is to explore questions like that.

And yes, it is typically a Black woman who is trying to more or less scam or semi-scam, thieve or semi-thieve, this way. I don’t know about the extent to which Black men engage in this behavior, as I really don’t deal with them.

On the other hand, it’s not just Black women. This thing: low level more or less thievery or at least very inconsiderate behavior, is very common among women of all races. It is mostly young women who pull this shit. In my opinion, 1/3 of young women are basically thieves. And the people they steal from are men.

Many young women age 18-30 are virtually psychopathic. There’s something terribly wrong with them. I don’t understand why so many young women act this way.

After age 30, women do a lot less thieving. And whoring for that matter. Thieving (from men) and whoring are a young women’s game, and they excel at both of these things. The thieving is often tied in with sex in a way or at least that is used as an enticement. After age 30, women seem to have a lot more morals. Things they would have done without a thought when they were young now elicit frowns of disapproval and statements like, “That’s wrong.”

I really don’t get why but young men are pretty horrific too. Sure, Black men have an extremely high crime rate, but the Black men doing that are mostly 13-33.  After age 33, Black testosterone levels return to White levels or even lower, and an awful lot of Black men who used to act really bad calm down.

Really though, Hispanic and even White men age 18-30 don’t act real great. The vast majority of male crime in both Hispanics and Whites is committed by this cohort. I suppose you could say that a lot of young men period are almost psychopaths.

Youth is the time for a Hell of a lot of fun, potentially anyway, but young people of both sexes seem deficient in morality, and quite a few of them act pretty damn bad. Both males and females calm down after age 30-33 and even seem to grow a sense of morality where little existed before.

It’s also our society, as I talked to a man from Yemen, and he said that no woman would ever steal one dime from a man in his country. It’s simply unheard of.

These feminists wonder why some men pine for patriarchy, vicious as it is. If you offered me a society to live in where female thieves and thieving whores were basically nonexistent, I would probably want to impose a society like that.

For us men the benefits of such a system are obvious. It’s not just we get to be cruel and lord it over the ladies. I don’t care for that part of it. But a serious patriarchy cuts way down on the thieving and whoring tendencies of women, especially young women, so it spares us men from being victims of whole armies of predatory and amoral females who specialize in victimizing us.

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27 thoughts on “Face It: A Lot of Young People of Both Genders and a Lot of Races Act Pretty Bad”

  1. The ultimate example of selfish behavior is a strip club, but guys go in pretty much planning to be robbed, just like at a casino.

    Some of the girls are way worse than others, but it seems like those strippers get fired pretty soon.

    But what goes on with the other ones is collective robbery where one dances, then another, then another, so you still get robbed. But it’s just standard thinking that it’s going to cost you 70 to 100 dollars at the least in one of those places anyway. I would want to enjoy many girls – not just one (in most cases).

  2. Black women basically operate on jungle law. I have seen it with old model blacks even. If an injustice favors them personally, they are all for it. A White Dudley Do Right will demand equality for his coworkers at his own expense. A house slave will be harder on her fellow slaves because only master butters her bread.

    1. Childish thinking infects all races – and in fact, as noted in @Robert Lindsay’s article, is a main characteristic of “identity politics” – including the white kind.

      One example is making fun of people – but not being able to take “being made fun of”.

      1. I think words mean more to you because they’ve hurt you.

        Most people think their own problems are the worst. I’ve told an older woman getting her ass grabbed isn’t as bad as being raped, but she had had her ass grabbed, so didn’t care to hear about anything worse.

        The movie Shot Caller has one of the more realistic prison rape scenes, it’s high-testosterone Blacks aggressively attacking the “new fish” like a bunch of gorillas on steroids and banana milk as soon as the guard leaves. Tribal wars and rape are their ways. They’re so horny they see raping males as more of a needed sexual release than gay. There is little thought of tomorrow, only the now and the muh.

        White prison gangs are very brutal to compensate for their small number – the Celtic and Germanic barbarians of prison. They get the pull-up and dip bars, the most prized gym equipment on the yard.

        Hispanic prison gangs seem more disciplined and organized – the Romans of prison. Their large #s unify and they have a strict workout regimen they do as a group.

        1. Always prisoners are the “worst of a group”. You gotta remember that. I mean, my 1st cousin who went to prison saw the “worst of Black people”. However, the number of Blacks in prison is far less than the in the general population – in all cases though, with Blacks that number in prison is bigger than other groups.

          Anyway, it’s useful to remember that Black criminals arise from a population where generally, the Dad isn’t around.

          1. Having a good father helps but I also know a Black adopted into a healthy home that ended up in prison. You can’t make excuses for all of them. My cousin is bipolar and gets in trouble with the law a lot. It’s a bit of a spider web after your first conviction.

  3. When I was in grad school, I remember that following example of female entitlement: the new on-campus (a campus that is 84% white, so you understand which group I’m referring to) Starbucks was in the dining hall giving out free drinks to celebrate their opening. The drinks were full size and were being carried on circular trays, about six to a tray.

    I was in a group of people waiting in line to get a free drink when it was about to be my turn to get the last sample on the tray. Before I could get anything, however, a Becky comes up behind the barista, bypassing the line, and snatches the drink. I know it seems like a small thing, but it was just so infuriating to me.

    The good thing is that the barista made me a new drink when she saw what happened, so at least I got that. I also picked up the Starbucks’ exclusive “Same As It Ever Was” by the Talking Heads and “When I Grow Up” by Michelle Shocked starting playing on the speakers (which I hadn’t heard in years at that point), so it all worked out in the end.

    1. I suppose this comment is in reference to my remarks about a lot of young women being almost psychopaths. You’re right, that’s exactly what a lot of them are – maybe 1/3 of them!

      1. Well, more like this anecdote in the OP, “A black lady takes as many plates as she can carry, so me and the other gentlemen get none.”, made me think of the Starbucks’ incident.

        1. Ok but this woman wasn’t necessarily Black though, right? She may well have been right, correct?

          Yeah, women act bad.

          1. A certain type of Black woman acts bad.

          2. A lot of young women of any race act awful.

          Since your anecdote takes place at university, I suppose you are referring to 2, yes, my friend? 2 would seem to apply here.

          1. You have any opinions on why it is that so many young women seem so morally challenged?

            To be fair, young men don’t act real great either, and their antisocial crap causes far more damage to society than young women’s does. Young women just steal. Young men go far beyond that unfortunately.

          2. You’re from the old site, right? In case I haven’t asked you before, how did you find the new site?

    1. Losing your voice and being around women like this talking over you is annoying. A glimpse into their lack of respect for weakness. , thank God it was temporary.

      1. Yeah, women hate weakness. I guess that is sadly the story of my life. I am not soft or weak at all. In fact, I am a Goddamned maniac lol. My Mom says I’m not a wimp. “Wimps won’t fight,” she says. “You fight! And boy do you fight!”

        On the other hand, I am passive, and I can have a very soft voice. Sometimes women like it and think it’s sexy. But they can’t get over this idea that I appear soft and therefore weak. So my whole life, they’ve been treating me like they treat most men they see as weak. I don’t know what to do about it. We all have our crosses to bear, I guess.

        I act a lot more masculine now than I used to though. I had to kill off the old me. He was practically a David Bowie style androgyne. That felt like a true self (though there is no such thing as a true self), but I had to kill him off.

        He simply provoked too many anti-weakness attacks from women. And if gay men were bees, he was honey. Gay and bi men lovvvvvved me. Not sure if they still do. They wouldn’t leave that poor boy alone. I’m both sorry and relieved to see him go. Anyway he’s not completely dead yet. He has a way of surfacing now and again.

    2. Opinionated women, though, guys can become like this also – are very irritating. I mean, enough with the over-parenting and idealism (I blame social media for a lot of this – cause it encourages annoying idealism.)!

      Anyway, it’s especially terrible these women – whom get everything on a silver platter from hard working men – but they still keep picking on them – telling them they’re not good enough.

      However, I have a suspicion sometimes it’s because the woman thinks the man is cheating. Well, if it’s not – then it’s extremely unjust!

  4. The best Hispanic I know was cucked by a Black that called himself “Home Wrecker”. He was always laid back until that happened. He was a very fat Mexican.

    I wonder what Latin Americans have the biggest builds? Fuegans are the only ones I’ve read called muscular. I think Mexicans generally have slight builds but have a fattening culture. I’ve heard Mexican moms fatten their boys. A big male is seen as a good protector.

    Maybe Aztecs were big, more precisely wide, and tribes that paid tribute were small. Aztecs are also known for Jaguar and Eagle (Sky Jaguar) warriors.

    1. I wonder what Latin Americans have the biggest builds?

      Argentinians and Brazilians can be quite huge and well-built. I met this Black Brazilian dude at a beach shack. He was beefy as hell and so well-tanned. I couldn’t tell whether he was Black or mixed with some White. He would certainly cluster with African Americans in the USA.

      Anyways he had this super-hot Russian blonde girlfriend, a lookalike of Maria Sharapova. Now this blonde girlfriend was very jealous and possessive about her beefy Brazilian man. She wouldn’t even let me talk to him despite me being a straight dude.

      Turns out Mr. Brazilian hotshot cheated on her all the time, so she has to keep a leash on him. She told me herself.

      I asked her, “Hey I’m straight. Why you’re worried about me?”

      She said: “I don’t want him to spend time with any other person except me.”

      I just got up and left with: “Yea, have a good time, you too (though not spoken in those exact words).”

      Now I’ve been with many Russian girls myself. Mostly they were professional whores or one-time whores, and I had to always pay for that kind of thing. I once went to Uzbekistan in my 20’s and the place is littered with Russian whores. But almost never did anyone fuck me for free, not even in my super-prime.

      In fact, it’s difficult to find Russian girls who will fuck you for anything other than money. In this particular case it looked like the Russian girl was the one spending money, and the Brazilian dude was her gigolo. A lot of Russian girls are very wealthy nowadays (all the KGB-mafia money adds up) and they can afford to buy gigolos all the time.

      So if you’re a hot Brazilian dude with a glabrous body like that: the sky’s the limit with the opposite sex. Many chicks will fall all over you.

      In fact, that Brazilian guy was really enjoying that conversation with me. He was very friendly and nice, like a gentle giant. We had a sort of bro bonding going, but this Russian chick would have none of it.

      This world is full of crazy experiences, LOL.

      1. I think you’re right. Brazil’s emphasis on fitness and their dose of Negro infusion makes them lead the pack.

        Thinking of Amerindian tribes, I’m trying to refine my thinking on this a bit and figure out which native tribe was the fittest.

        I knew French girls liked Brazilians.

        I’m surprised Russian women are paying for it. Fair, young, milky girls may be the most prized in many circles, but they often age like milk. Later in life they become the Walking Dead. Some women only take, and when their beauty fades, they are like an empty can of dog food.

        Most giant men I’ve met are gentle, small men deep down inside who at times either fight a bit or have a complex. Similar to dogs.

        1. negro infusion

          That made me crack up. So what’s it like? If I get 10% negro infusion, will I be able to run faster? It’s really possible with DNA replacement therapy though. Remember Gustav Graves from Die Another Day?

          Yes, people. Anyone can change their race. I want to look Brazilian now.

          1. Negro infusion

            Usually delivered mainline straight to the vein, slow drip method. The procedure is quick and relatively painless, and in a couple of hours you will walk out of the hospital just a little bit Blacker than you came in. Not enough to be stupid or thuggish but just enough to smooth talk the ladies and get into the swaggering groove of life.

            Talk to your physician and ask him if Negro Infusion (TM) is right for you or not. Millions of satisfied customers can’t be wrong. You never know how it’s going to work out or what part of your body will be affected. Hell, your dick could Negrify and grow an inch or two! How bout that, Smalldick, I mean White boy? Whaddaya think?

          2. How bout that, Smalldick, I mean White boy? Whaddaya think?

            Was it for me? I get all the disadvantages of the White race for looking like a brown-skin White boy. And just a few advantages.


            Tiny dick jokes, glasses wearing computer nerd, evil person, was even accused of being a racist, anti-Semitic and Nazi.

            Believe me I tried to pass as a super negro so many times on account of my brown skin hue. Especially in nightclubs No one’s ever bought that line.

            Girl: “Where you’re from?”
            I: “You know, girl, Detroit?'”
            Girl: “No need to swag. You’re not Black, you must be Pakistani or something.”

            Sri Lankans and Southern Indians can pull this African American shit, I just can’t. It’s unbelievable every single person in the world I met can tell the difference between an African, an African American, a Southern Indian, a Northern Indian. People are generally so well-informed about races and ethnicities.

            ADVANTAGES OF BEING A WHITE BOY: I get treated nicely by sales assistants, mall security, and the cops.

          3. No, not at all. I was just imagining myself as a Black guy calling White men smalldicks lol.

            ADVANTAGES OF BEING A WHITE BOY: I get treated nicely by sales assistants, mall security, and the cops.

            You mean advantages of being Aryan or looking like a White or European?

            Girl: “Where you’re from?”

            Me: “You know, girl, Detroit?’”


          4. Black boys ages 8 to 12 had their scrotums and penises completely amputated for the Arab slave trade. No Black dick propaganda from Jews, no taunts from rejected White women and their cucked males, and no Black ingrates beating their chests in their former Masters’ faces. Slice and dice, and everything is nice.

  5. Nilotic tribes make blood milk, I believe they cut the goat or cows neck and let the blood drip into the milk. This drink is served to males from age 3, I believe. Probably hasn’t hurt their height. I’m interested in different cultures enough to drink it.

    But you never see foods like that or bushmeat, bugs, etc. either on McDonalds international menu. A Spanish burger with smoked bacon sauce instead of ketchup/mustard is all the change they can market to Americans. McDonalds really played it safe. Imagine going to that cautious boardroom meeting and proposing the African Blood McFlurry.

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