Chris Farley Was Fat and Other Thoughts

What White Nationalists and others don’t want to accept is that labels are subjective. I mean, one fat guy is being mocked while another is dearly loved, and a lot of the love they are getting is because they are fat (John Candy, Chris Farley). The key to fight bullying seems to be trying to rise above petty insults by being comfortable with what you are. I mean, isn’t that what Black Power is about – or even White Power?

Chris Farley and John Candy As Fat

There is pretty strong evidence that they were the type of fat that got you teased – no doubt about it!

What a Boring World Where We Are All the Same

White Nationalists use this argument about races and cultures (of all sorts) mixing, yet hypocritically, they call out differences in weight, height etc.

Isn’t fat or other weirdness unhealthy?

Well, the extremes can be, but how extreme were Chris Farley and John Candy? I think enough to get teased but probably not enough for serious health problems, assuming they didn’t abuse themselves (but they did!).

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