PUA/Game: Male Morality Versus Female Morality

Jason: O.K. I’ll play the devil’s advocate. Seriously, in any town – are guys (as in traditional male) who run their mouth, backstab.

How is this different from chicks? Nothing.

Everyone runs their mouth and backstabs. It’s just about normal for both sexes. It’s a bit low (especially the backstabbing) but the number of both men and women who do this is very large. Backstabbing is rather shitty but a lot of people do it anyway. Unfortunately, I have been known to do it myself at times.

Like if I have two girlfriends at once and they find out about each other, I might go to Girlfriend A and diss Girlfriend B to or with her or vice versa. I’m basically playing them off each other. It’s pretty evil but I do it anyway. I am not a very honorable man when it comes to women, sorry. The rule book goes out the window, and I do a lot of bad things, but I really don’t care ha ha.

I am talking about making up pure lies about a man simply because they don’t like him. Mostly women do that and it’s usually young women. For instance, looks like young cunts made up some pretty nasty lies about you.

It’s true that on the Internet, a lot of “men” make up sheer lies about people they hate. If the man has psychopathic or narcissistic features, they can do it as a matter of habit. But that’s not part of male morality.

There’s nothing in male morality that says you can make up lies about people you don’t like. Almost all men would characterize that as fighting dirty and a lot would say it’s pussy, womanish, or unmanly behavior.

Male morality looks down on dirty fighting and sees it as pussy and unmasculine. “Come out and fight like a man!” Sure there are men who fight dirty, but a lot of us really look down on men like that because they are dishonorable and a real man is supposed to be honorable.

Female morality has no such values. Fighting dirty is allowed in female morality because they say that they are weaker so the only way they have a chance is to fight dirty. For instance, female morality says that if women think some guy is creepy or makes them “uncomfortable”, they have a perfect right to make up a bunch of sheer lies about him.

It’s moral to make up these lies because he’s a creep and he deserves it. Plus they need to get rid of him somehow because he makes the poor babies “uncomfortable”, and if they need to make up a bunch of lies to get rid of this guy, so be it. It’s worth it to not have him around so they can be “comfortable” again.

If  you go around the Manosphere, especially the MGTOW and Incel places, you will see a lot of references to the idea that women are simply evil, that they have no moral compass at all, or that they are all psychopaths. I was baffled by this for some time and thought maybe these guys were just nuts.

But I kept hearing it over and over. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. So I dug into it. I believe what I described above – that female morality says it’s ok to fight dirty and rules are for men – is probably the source of these allegations of female evil and amorality.

But fighting dirty doesn’t make you evil. Mostly it’s chickenshit, feminine, pussy and unmasculine, but women are most of those things by their nature anyway, so what do you expect? Of course they fight dirty. And women are not the only ones. Anywhere you look in society, where there’s a fight between someone who is stronger and someone who is weaker, the weaker party often resorts to dirty fighting because if they play by the rules, they’re going to get creamed.

I don’t like women’s dirty fighting, but I suppose it is to be expected. Just accept that they are like this, they’re not changing, and move on.

I don’t think women are evil, amoral, or psychopathic, but I can understand why they might appear that way.

I don’t think teenage girls do this to much to men or boys because in general they are not sophisticated enough to do dirty stuff like this. Also a lot of teenage girls are still pretty innocent and haven’t built up much anger and rage towards men yet.

But by age ~18, most women have developed a real bitch factor, guaranteed. I believe their views of men start to harden. High school girls just burst into tears. A college girl  will scream at you like a banshee and then rip your ball sack right off your body without a second thought.

Young women 18-30 will absolutely do this, and they do it all the time, out of habit almost, without batting an eye or a single trace of guilt. A huge number of young women – maybe 1/3 – are more or less  psychopaths in my opinion. I consider 1/3 of young women to be pretty damned  evil. That’s how many young women think it’s acceptable to steal from men.

Now a lot of older women (I am hoping) would say it’s not cool to make up sheer lies about some guy just because he  makes you uncomfortable. They would say ignore or quit looking at him and in addition, quit being so sensitive.

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4 thoughts on “PUA/Game: Male Morality Versus Female Morality”

  1. Well, if gawking brought it on, then it’s tough to make justification for it. I mean, gawking can get you killed in prison, for instance.

    Well, I have problems with gawking, and it’s stirred up major problems with females at restaurants and colleges. At the college, some tried to discourage me by making fun of my cross-eyed-ness LOL.

    Now in one college class, I was fascinated by this mulatto beauty and jealous of her gay friend, but I realized it was causing problems, so I moved to the other end of the class.

  2. Male morality looks down on dirty fighting and sees it as pussy and unmasculine. “Come out and fight like a man!” Sure, there are men who fight dirty, but a lot of us really look down on men like that because they are dishonorable, and a real man is supposed to be honorable.

    I concur but I’d like to answer another viewpoint that was discussed in an earlier post. Apparently, White European men are more honorable than say, Indians, and less inclined to fight dirty, backstab, or engage in lies and rumor-mongering.

    I don’t agree with that. Having directly observed a fairly large number of European and White American scumbags, I can say that there are way too many dishonorables among them who engage in chicken-shit behavior.

    They are in every walk of life: from normal manager types working in corporations to YouTubers. For example, I consider that Swedish asshole PewDiePie the most disgusting, dishonorable person among all races.

    Yes, a lot of Indian males are plain scumbags too, as are Pakistanis or Arabs/Persians.

    But I don’t really think fighting dirty is race- or nation-specific. Almost everyone does it.

    Just because you’re White European doesn’t mean you’re automatically honorable. Sorry, you’re not.

    I really think it’s a generation issue; today’s generation of men are more likely to be dishonorable dirty fighting-lovin’, backstabbing kinds than my father’s generation.

    My father is old-fashioned, cigar-smoking style gentleman, and he doesn’t understand the ways of today’s youth. I figured that Robert might have the same lack of understanding of today’s men because his mind is stuck in a previous generation when indeed men acted more honorably than they do today.

    Today’s average males, irrespective of where they belong, are dishonorable creatures. They no longer believe in principles like “my word is my bond” etc. If you’re not like today’s generation of men, you’re more than welcome to be my friend. You have successfully bucked the trend despite the tide against your types. Congratulations, it’s an honor to know you. But you’re really an outlier then.

    I’m myself not a very honorable person, and have fought dirty for survival. But at least I’m honest about it. I am trying to become a better person, but it’s very tough in today’s world.

    I don’t want to bring women into this discussion as I have zero expectations from them anyway.

    1. I didn’t say all that. Look, don’t take my views on Indians personally. Much of what I said about them was admitted to me by Indians on history forums. I’ve admitted you and Robert have more personal experience with Indians, and I’m aware they are very diverse.

      The few I’ve met tell small, petty lies, like how long I’d have to wait for them. Nothing to make me have ill will towards them, and this type of thinking may have helped them advance in spiritual matters. The Hindu faith is ever-changing. I suspect there’s a Eastern merchant quality to them and something else that makes them uniquely Indian, like a Guru quality.

      I’ve mentioned to a Middle Eastern teacher that the person who came up with the idea should get the credit, and he disagreed. Traditional European beliefs just seem more just and fair, perhaps a bit naive like today’s Whites. I admit this may be a romantic view.

      There was a good piece here on Jews being like Medieval Italians, so commonalities can also be drawn. Most total shit Whites aren’t racial, I mean if all you cared about was yourself, there’s not much to be gained in being racial. Doing the right thing is often a sacrifice.

  3. Traditional European beliefs just seem more just and fair, perhaps a bit naive like today’s Whites. I admit this may be a romantic view.

    Nothing wrong with traditional European beliefs. Many ideas of honor and chivalry have their origins in Europe. And Japan.

    I was just saying that today’s generation does not exactly measure up to those standards. It’s a bygone era so “romantic view” is a correct assessment I think.

    I never take anything personally. What gave you that impression? The above point was the only thing I was trying to raise here.

    …The Hindu faith is ever-changing…Guru quality.

    I don’t have a very high opinion of the Hindu religion. Or any religion for that matter. I think religion is like a drug, and you can OD very quickly.

    Also, all that “guru” crap. The following “gurus” are frauds IMO. They’re all very popular with Westerners in general.

    Sri Sri Ravishankar
    Mahesh Yogi
    Baba Ramdev

    That “hot yoga” pioneer, I forgot the name

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