Other Downsides of Being a Daredevil

One I mentioned was that you become this degraded court jester with the social respect of a of a stripper, so are you really better off than when you were a nerd LOL?

A big downside to daredevil behavior is trouble with school and the law. School isn’t so bad. I mean, let’s say you “pull the fire alarm” – something guaranteed to make even the smallest twerp into the class president. That will be at the least in-school suspension and maybe worse. However, for a first time offender, you might surprisingly get a slap on the wrist, and I already mentioned what you would gain.

Off-Limits for Daredevils

I never became a bully myself or seriously insulted teachers, even unpopular ones. At the most I might kid around with a teacher.  Like I might shout, “The band teacher is a geek LOL”. That’s innocent mickey-mouse stuff.

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