Letting the Arabs Handle Blacks

Someone on here suggested that. I suppose he means shipping off all Blacks (in the US) to Africa, where the Arabs would tame all the Blacks. But on a closer look, this idea is soooo retarded! In fact, it’s downright dangerous. First of all, we don’t want Islam to grow. It encourages violence, especially when it also encourages inbreeding! In fact, Islam could be the main threat to the planet!

What’s the Solution?

There’s no solution for African Blacks (too many, too far away), but the ones in the US can be humanely dealt with by spreading them out among the White population as a numerical minority.

Sending Them to Christian Areas of Africa?

They won’t go and the support for forcing them is zero (near that). In fact, spreading them out in the US has a much larger chance of happening.

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