A Lot of Popular Kids and Bullies Are Actually Degenerates

Yep, the fact they were short, skinny, etc. had nothing to do with it! I already mentioned that Chris Farley was indeed fat – though not “American football fat” – and nobody really cared because they loved his little fatass LOL.

So I would say – and I know this sounds like a PC Mr. Rogers “goody-goody” snowflake thing:

The only disability is the attitude.

Yes, that’s right. What genius came up with that one? Forrest Gump?

More Problems in My Life from the Degenerates

I was called a wuss/girl many times from really scrawny and/or short people. I was picked on by some string-bean goober no different in looks than I am. Well actually, there were two of them.

A Short, Nice Guy in Middle School

One short guy excelled in sports in middle school and nobody seemed to notice his height.

Was Chris Farley Fat?


If it was just football fat, then why was he so bothered by it?

Why are Nazis So Hung up on Unchangeable Characteristics?

I don’t know. Because they’re closed-minded and mean? They’re not examining the way life really is versus their vision of the ideal elitist hellhole.

When Are Unchangeable Characteristics Rubbed in?

As expected, only when you’re losing because ultimately it’s BS talk which is really about being a coward.

Look Who’s Talking?

Have a lot of these degenerate truly looked at themselves before mocking other degenerates?

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