You Can’t Get Something for Nothing

He’s not alone.  Artist Ayla Arthur spends between 20-25 hours updating a comic on Patreon.  The artist only earns $200 a month.

The low monthly incomes prompted Knapper to investigate who could really make a living from Patreon.  And what he found was surprising. has graphed all active Patreon campaigns since March 2015.  According to the website, the platform now has 79,420 creators.  Yet, only 1,393 creators (under 2

Even worse, if changed to $15 per hour, only 0.8

On close examination the article above is retarded because you can’t get money without traffic and/or a traffic from some social media following.  I can say this even this being a socialist blog.

I mean, what’s not said in the article is that the people not making it simply don’t have the traffic and/or traffic from social media. Also not mentioned is the fact the people not making it, well, many of them simply may not have a good enough product!

The Hypocrisy of Victimhood

I just notice that those complaining about being bullied turn around and bully others.  Like my late relative was bullied for her hair. It’s a natural look. She was just a victim of racist bullying. Then she calls another relative fat.  This is  someone who never insulted her hair, BTW .  Now what I am speaking of was not siblings “kidding around” – this stuff done to my relative seriously scarred her psychologically.

Are Kids Getting Bullied Because They’re Weird/Misfits? Surprisingly, No.

Well, tons of kids are wearing their pants down, showing their underwear. Plenty have purple hair, afros – you name it. Plenty are noticeably fat, etc., and none are getting bullied! What’s the secret?

The secret is kids respect them because they present a strong persona, despite being weird.   Though often they have to become daredevils, which bring another set of problems but no more bullying, for sure. Anyway, possibly they could also win respect in a more civilized way through sports, lifting weights, etc..

I seriously believe some kids are so hated that only being a daredevil psychopath causes them to be loved! You know how kids hate a chicken!

If You Talk Trash, You Will Get Bullied, and There’s No Way out of It!

My recent experience with bullying is the result of talking trash because simply put, I’m sick in tired of fucktarded rightwing memes on Facebook. However, I can’t whine about it because that’s just the way life is. If you talk trash you’re going to get burned! Now, in my own reasoning, I am a victim because these idiots are obnoxious, and someone has to have the balls to comment on it. Anyway, I am still not a victim here as far as the general society goes.

Alt Left: Should Designated Victim Minors Be Put in Special Protective “Schools for the Bullied?”

Jason: Well, do you feel there should be special education in regular schools – not special schools? I mean, honestly, the people who seem retarded are bullied but so are the retarded at the same rate simply because as you say boys (and girls) are acting according to instinct.

I don’t know. Perhaps we could set up special schools for designated victims. Of course then the “normal bullies” wouldn’t have anyone to bully, but I’m sure they will make do. They will just bully their siblings or whatever.

It is a very interesting idea. A lot of people won’t do it because there will be stigma attached with having to go to the Bullied School because you were such a fucktard that everyone bullied you. You could get bullied on that basis right there.

Also as pointed out below it might be just overprotecting kids from the hardships of life, making them unprepared for the real world.

Another problem would be as stated above that the stigma of going to Fucktard School for the Bullied might be pretty extreme right there. Maybe a lot of boys or parents don’t want that shame on the bullied one’s resume.

Another problem is that the bullied might just form a hierarchy of the bullied and bully each other. Not sure how likely that is but I’m sure it is somewhat likely.

But I’m not really a fan of bullying in sense. I have had clients and friends who got bullied, mostly in junior but also in elementary school, and they are still fucked up over this to this very day. Basically they have low self-esteem. Otherwise they function well. Perhaps some of these people were designated victims.

Be that as it may, even designated victims are human, and the bullying they get is horribly painful for them, and it even screws them up far into adulthood. I mean what did these designated victims really do? Nothing, honestly. We punish traffic offenders worse than those people deserve to get punished.

The downside is that getting bullied often toughens boys so it makes them mature. Also a lot of people get bullied hard over certain things, and then you meet them later, and they are completely normal. The behaviors they were bullied over are gone.

Did the bullying make them stop their stupid behaviors? I have no idea. Maybe they just did it on their own. But I tried to shape up after I got bullied. I tried to be a cool guy so I didn’t get bullied anymore. I think bullying probably does force some people to shape up and get their shit together.

Then others are damaged far into their 30’s.

It’s like a test of pure fire. Boys are iron and the bullying is an iron force with fire. It turns boys into men, hopefully. The ones that make it past the bullying and get their shit together are like stainless steel, forged in the fire of cruelty, harassment, undignified insults, and humiliation. On the other hand a lot iron boys walk through the fire and don’t get turned into steel at all. They might just rust or turn brittle, I have no idea.

The Few and the Proud – The Few Good Kids

There’s not many good kids – there probably never have been. It’s because human nature is basically evil (a religious topic). In fact, good kids are tough to make because the parents are normally evil and/or there too lazy (probably the bigger case) to raise good kids.

Anyway, I’m not in favor of dumb anti-bullying programs because the state cannot make good kids – only the parents can, but the parents, based on math probability, won’t! So anti-bullying is a lost, dumb cause.

Now, I get sick of the topic of bullying, but one last post for a good while on it to clarify things.   Well, when I was in middle school, one boy was nice to me. He was a jock, and he wasn’t into being cool and going with the crowd. However, he was probably raised that way.

But, of course most kids are not. Most kids enjoy tearing others down or they ignore victims out of fear) because it makes them feel better. Well, it the same with adults. Kids are just miniature adults. In fact, kids also are not Buddhists – they cannot understand things like “turn the other cheek”, “let go of attachments” etc.. Well, they might if they were taught and a few are.

Anyhow, the bullying of “proven assholes” is something all kids do – even the good ones, probably.  It’s just too enticing to not do ut.  Also, those kinds of really lousy kids (or adults) need that kind of negative feedback anyway.

Do Kids Know Bullying Retarded or “Seems Retarded” People Is Wrong?

Unlike what @Robert Lindsay was saying, they do know it’s wrong. I did when I was a kid.  They’re just simply brats, and they have no way out it because as noted, few parents raise Jehovah’s Witness-type kids.

What About Myself?

I was a good kid because I was the one getting the dick up the ass (metaphorically). I was getting it even in elementary school and then later worse in middle school. Therefore, I simply never evolved into the type that sadistically makes fun of weird people.

Also, even when I was a class clown in high school, I never resorted to bullying others to make people laugh. It was all just “naughty-ness,” making animal sounds – stuff like that. Maybe I would insult a teacher, but it was never personal.

The Land of Cotton

Well, this seems off-topic, but it relates. Some commentator was noting how Sambos were so nice compared to modern Blacks. Well, could it be cause they were heavily oppressed – kind of like I was as a kid? I mean, these silly WN’s praise bullying so much, but they’re so repulsed by modern Blacks who in effect are grown up brats obeying boy instincts.


Identity Politics as The Mark of the Beast Like Buying/Selling

Well, IP could get to that point. I mean, already what if your some cop and – while not being a homo – you don’t agree totally with Blue Lives Matter. Isn’t this group a bunch of racist a-holes or what lol??  Maybe you won’t be able to get a job or you would harassed on the job.

What about public schools? Well, if your a parent and – while you agree that some boys are more feminine and some girls are more masculine – you simply view “being gay or trans” as being too far, well, you won’t be able to educate your child. You would have to home school them.

Anyway, this is the way the world’s going because Identity Politics has gone batshit insane!

Anyway, I don’t agree with the traditional apocalyptic views of religion because I haven’t seen any of that baloney come to pass, and I don’t think it will, but I have seen an explosion in demonic IP, no doubt!

  • Where’s the microchips on all people? Where’s the Antichrist?
  • Where’s the rise of Babylon?
  • Where’s the rise of the European Union?

Well, Christians are pinning their hopes on this stuff as bringing in the end-times, but I don’t see any of it, and I’m not being closed-minded.

But Wasn’t There Always Fierce Anti-SJW Opposition in the US?

Well, in the Jim Crow South, the protesters, of course – stereotyped as Jews by WN’s – were always met with the standard “Communist, Nigger-lover, Race-Mixer, Anti-Christian, Jew” labels.  In fact, the whole nation was way different than it is now, and in fact, the rest of the nation wasn’t much different than the South  – only that the South seemed more “out of the closet” about it.

Anyway, the difference between now and then was that the rebels against society were seen as pro-civil rights, while now, society – especially when Obama was president – seems to condone civil rights, with the rebels being racists, homophobes, anti-disabled etc..

SJWs Are Not Real Social Justice Warriors

Nope, the only people who have truly made a difference were people like @Robert Lindsay in Black areas of LA (as a teacher) and also I was doing my thing in Korea. And of course, people trying to make a difference – I think, in many cases, especially in Black areas are crucified like Reginald Denny for what they did.

Anyway, fag-ass SJW’s. What are they doing?  Well, they’re not on the front line of anything real, but probably something like: “Stop the bikini video games which degrade women,” etc.  In other words, useless shit. Not to mention the fact they ignore non-gay etc. White cases of oppression!

Anyhow, the problem with SJWism is it’s gotten too big (spread out). In other words, they’re not focusing on the truly needy, but have rather all sorts of stuff they are riled up about – much of which, as noted, is not important!

Of course, the backlash to this is South Park, Stormfront, Fox News, Beyond Highbrow – you name it. It’s actually sad, really, because being a hero to the disadvantaged should be something noble, right?

Anyway, lastly, SJWism and also people truly trying to help the disadvantaged is such a lost cause these days that’s it’s best to either do these things in secret or not even do them at all. In other words, society is so infected by monstrous Identity Politics that the only choice for a good person is to drop out of society.

My Position on Bullying, Again

Jason: Come on @Robert Lindsay – you’re saying bullying is natural to boys and encouraging it BUT YOU CAN’T TAKE IT.

Jason and I are much closer on this issue than you think. We only differ on a few things.

How many times do I have to tell Jason this? I don’t want to have to make these posts over and over.

  • I oppose all bullying in adulthood. Even in high school you mostly should knock it off. But I support bullying severe outliers in high school – like people who are so insanely nerdy that you can’t even look at them without laughing.
  • Also I do not justify bullying in boyhood. But it will go on, and you can’t stop it. Of course it’s natural and normal. This is the way humans are. We are mammals.
  • I do justify bullying of extreme outliers in grade school and junior high because it’s the only thing that might force them to get their shit together. I knew severe outliers who got bullied hard from age 9-13, and I met them later at 16-18, and the behavior that got them bullied was gone. Did the bullying make it go away? Moral of the story: Don’t be a severe outlier, weirdo, freak, kook, or idiot.
  • Don’t be a Goddamned crybaby. Crybabies need to get bullied hard.
  • Don’t act like a Goddamned faggot if you are a little boy. You’re going to get creamed. No two ways about it. Boys will never accept effeminate boys.
  • Don’t act like an outrageously idiotic nerd to where you are so spazzed out you seem legitimately retarded.
  • Don’t be a psycho boy to where you are such a weird, psycho future serial killer that even other boys think you’re a dangerous freak. And yeah, those boys need to get bullied really hard. They’re mean as snakes anyway. Except maybe it makes them worse.

But I do not accept the bullying of ordinary boys in general, although this sort of thing does go on in the family. I will admit that I bullied my younger brother. What am I supposed to say? It was fucked up, but kids don’t understand that. I didn’t understand it was wrong at the time. I got told endlessly that it was wrong and I was a bad person for doing it, and I laughed and thought that was the dumbest thing I ever heard.

I am saying that kids don’t understand that this sort of thing is wrong, especially among brothers with young boys. But my friends and I – we did not bully each other. And we only bullied the youngest brother sometimes. Bullying is ugly – nobody can handle it – I could not and honestly cannot. But it will never go away. You just have to make people tough enough to not get bullied or not care if they got bullied.

Also I was bullied quite badly in elementary school, junior high, and even high school. Not a lot of times but some. Those were some of the most traumatic events of my life.

But these were like mean, antisocial, psychopathic boys who were preying on normal boys like me in a really evil way. They preyed on many other normal boys too. I told you that I opposed the mean, bully boy psychopath types bullying normal boys.

But that’s going to happen too. I was probably doomed to be bullied at least a bit. SHI bullied other boys when he was in grade school, junior high, and high school.

Right, nobody can handle it. I don’t know why I have to keep reiterating my position here over and over. And I oppose all the mean boy psychopathic bullying done to Jason as a boy, as I don’t think he was a severe outlier. And of course your getting bullied as an adult is absolutely outrageous.

Jason: Especially, you can’t handle the sissification. It’s kind like stuff I endured being called Faaaagooooot (mocking a goat sound).

I did not get bullied too much like this, but at age 16, yes, I was bullied by some local juvenile delinquents who were tormenting me because they legitimately thought I was gay. I thought they were my friends and I was hanging out with them trying to be “cool.”

They were running up to me, hitting me and running away again and laughing. I just stood there saying over and over, “I’m not gay. I’m not gay. I’m not gay.” I knew I wasn’t gay, and I thought if I could convince them of that, they would leave me alone. But that was one of the most traumatic events of my life.

Did they actually think you were gay? I mean for real, a homosexual? Or did they know you were straight, and they were just bugging you?

Jason and I are not effeminate. I don’t agree with gay-baiting boys like us.

I don’t like people to think I am wimpy or gay, correct. But they have thought that a lot in my life anyway, especially when I was younger. It sort of traumatized me in a sense though because I do have a deep neurotic fear that people think I am gay, especially a girlfriend I am having sex with.

The idea of having sex with a woman and having her legitimately wondering if she is fucking a gay or bisexual man is something I cannot reconcile. It’s a crazy fear. I have been trying to work my way out of it forever, but I can’t seem to.

I think it is an OCD symptom, honestly. It goes round and round and never gets resolved, and that is OCD (ruminations). There! You all wanted to know some my OCD symptoms? There ya go! It’s stuff like that. Sort of embarrassing to talk about because it seems to stupid to worry about stuff like that.

It’s happened before – one girlfriend was convinced I was bisexual, and another was convinced that I used to be gay. I fucked the second one all the time anyway, like 3-4 times a day. I fucked her so much my dick almost fell off. I never discussed with her why she thought that. I was 26 and 28 years old then in the former and latter cases. Perhaps I acted different, no idea. I hardly hear it anymore. Perhaps I changed my behavior?

I have always rejected the idea that I am effeminate. It makes me angry. I am quite soft though, and I can have a very soft voice sometimes. You can hardly hear me sometimes. But it is sort of a very soft seductive voice, and a lot of women told me it drives them crazy.

People think soft, wimpy, passive, or soft-voiced men (like Mr. Rogers) are gay, but honestly, I have known many guys like that in life, and generally, most men like that are simply straight. Wimpy men especially tend to be straight. There are some gay men who act like that, but those are the ones they call “straight-acting.”

If you know anything about psychology, can’t you see that this macho thing I push is called compensation? I’m not being a macho jerk-off. It’s an internal matter in my head. Get it? We’re all screwed up in the head, man. Even us adults.

Well, nobody can handle it. That’s why I quit the church across the road from me. That’s why I essentially live in a hole – isolated in my room on computers all the time.

Of course nobody can handle it.

I cannot reiterate what a catastrophe this. We on this blog need to maybe figure out how we can help poor Jason here. This sort of stuff should not be going on with an adult man. And this is no way to live your life. Of course I oppose this. Bullying in adulthood is nonsense.

My Position on Drugs

Drugs should be totally legal because it’s a waste of police time and money to fight them, and it also causes massive corruption (case in point: the movies Serpico, American Gangster).

But just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s something people should do. Cocaine has been shown to cause Parkinson’s later in life, and I’d guess meth isn’t much different. As for pot, the effect on a young mind could be stunted IQ, so that’s not good thing for youngsters.

If people can add more reasons why drugs are bad even though they’re not worth fighting with the law, then add something:

Should Legal Drugs Be Regulated?

Perhaps they should be, while illegal ones are made legal. Any opinions on this?

But Is Fighting Drugs a Waste of Police Time and Money?

Well, in our corrupt world, it very well might not be. In other words, a whole prison-industrial complex exists to exploit offenders economically (tons of work in the prison industry, prison labor, and prison construction) and politically (drug wars are often politically motivated against racial groups in general).

Torture Party on Spartacus

In the comments people were mentioning torture parties Africa, but I saw this on Spartacus (the TV series). Basically, they were having cocktail parties while torturing and murdering people at the same time. That was one of the meanest things I’ve ever seen! I mean how can someone have a cocktail party and see this suffering and participate in it with no heart or empathy, even if the person tortured is a traitor!

But apparently, plenty of real people have done stuff like this. I guess it’s kind of like people having a party at a lynching or beheading – very common actually!

Take the Insults Like a Man

Yeah, but none of these self-professed bad boys in the WN movement can! They can’t really handle sissification insults from Blacks and probably not even from Whites, so that’s sometimes (maybe often) why they hate Blacks, among others.

But anyway, WN’s seem to think trash talk is normal talk. It’s not. Trash talk belongs on basketball courts and among friends, relatives, or semi-friends. However, trash talk directed toward strangers or a person in authority (cops, teachers etc.) is something not tolerated, and if the person does tolerate it at all, then he’s a big pussy!

Sometimes Even Trash Talk Is Over the Line

Like my relative calling me a gook lover. Well, that was over the line because it’s just too insulting, and I didn’t really like that stupid wigger motherfucker anyways. He’s a little dick – the type tormenting people all his life – and then he marries into my family! Sheesh!!

Mark of the Beast in Revelation

Could it be Identity Politics, including the White kind? Very well could be because it definitely morphs people into monsters with no hope of salvation.

Anyway, there is some talk in Christian circles about it being some microchip etc., but honestly, how could all the people on Earth possibly get that technology? No way, so it must be metaphorical, and IP stands the best chance of being it, I think!

PUA/Game: How to Tell If Your “Date” Is a Thieving Whore

Whores and Worse, Much Worse – “Thieving Whores” Who Take Your Money and Run, Giving up No Sex

Any woman who demands that you spend a lot of money on her before you have sex is a whore, not only but that but usually a thieving whore, as she will get you to spend $25-80 on her, wave the sex in front of you like a bullfighter’s flag, then pull the flag away from you at the last minute.

You turn around and she’s gone, out the door, nowhere to be seen. You’re out money and she never fulfilled her end of the deal. There a huge number of these out and out thieving whores out there (though actually not whores as I pointed out) who seem to exist on Earth for the sole purpose of stealing from us men.

I would say most men want to kill women like this, but most of us never do it. We don’t even hit them. But women like this (and gold-diggers) are the enemies of the men. They are the enemies of my people, the men.

There are others who ask for money up front before the date begins (gas money to drive to your place, other bullshit, pay her bills), sometimes with a promise to date you later and do whatever you want. Don’t do it. The money will be gone and the woman will never show up. And the date two weeks later will never happen.

Clues are she will not let you come to her place or meet her in public, will not follow you to your place, or won’t even let you meet her at all. And in all these cases, the thieving whore wants money up front. Sometimes you are all set for sex and then right at the last minute she needs $20 for a game for the kid while she’s gone fucking you. You still haven’t met her yet.

Never shell out money to a woman you have never met. Never shell out money to a woman before a date even starts. Other red flags are: won’t give you her number – a woman who dates you will always give you her number.

Won’t meet you in a public place – a woman who dates you will always meet you in a public place. Won’t meet you at her place and doesn’t want you knowing where she lives – a woman who dates you generally will tell you her address, at least if you are going to her place.

I can’t believe how many young women age 18-30 are out and out thieving, whoring psychopaths. Their sole existence on this Earth is to steal from us men. Apparently while dishing out as little sex as possible.

PUA/Game: Sex after 50, or What’s Left of It Anyway

Sex after 50

It never ends.

First of all, I want to say that it never ends. I don’t think sex ever ends. I have no idea how much sex elderly people have, but I’m sure they have some. The sex drive is so strong that it often goes on until the end of our lives.

A 60 year old impotent men can’t get it up, so he does nothing but eat pussy. He pays a prostitute so he eat her pussy for an hour a day for six months. An 80 year old man, no doubt of dubious sexual ability, crawls on his knees in front of a dominatrix to kiss her boots.

Their dicks don’t even work anymore, and they are still doing it.

It Never Ends

I am over age 60. At my age and all through my 50’s, trust me, no one cared about money. I had women who paid my way for lunch and then dinner. I had women who paid my way for two-week stays at their place, including airfare. I had women who bought plane tickets to come see me to stay at my place and then go on multi-day vacations. They paid for everything. On dates, it’s common to go Dutch. I had one woman who did not like it, but screw her.

You see, after age 50, no one cares. Or no one who will go out with me cares. No one cares about money either. There are no golddiggers because the women have all lost their looks so they can’t whore their looks for money like a young woman can.

Everyone is very relaxed, and Dutch or even she pays is often not a problem. Even sex if it happens is very relaxed and slow. We often take a while to get going, take our time, relax. There’s no rush because we don’t give a damn anymore. I mean we do it, but we don’t necessarily jump right in.

Everything proceeds at a calm and relaxed pace. No woman over age 50 has any more inhibitions, and most of us men don’t either. Neither sex gives a damn about much of anything anymore. We’ve all stopped caring.

Sex is very relaxed, and sexual problems, which are common at our age, are shrugged off as nothing. We’re not as capable, but we are more relaxed than we have ever been. It’s a bit sad that humans finally totally relax and lose it all about sex at around the time that the ability to do it drops off ha ha. But it’s a nice time of life for sex because no one gives two fucks about anything anymore.

PUA/Game: Why Do American Women Demand That the Man Pay for Everything on Dates?

Found on the Net:

I honestly dont understand western dating methods. It almost sounds artificial.

All the dates I went out and my friends both male and females, never really spent more than 5 euros.

My responses:

Long tradition of men paying in this stupid country. She makes more money than you? No matter, you still cover everything. Expect her to leave a tip? Outrageous! American women are princesses and it’s outrageous to ask that they spend one nickel on a date.

Fading away, but the sad truth is that a lot of young women are simply out and out whores. I mean not the good kind but like a prostitute who drains your wallet.

Gold-diggers out to take men for every nickel are everywhere, especially among young women age 18-30. Fully 1/3 of young women are out and out psychopaths who gleefully use men they have no interest in just for free meals.

All of the above applies to young women in the US (the Land of Whores), who are basically thieving, gold-digging monsters. Young women are beautiful and have awesome bodies, so these physical attributes are like legal tender in that they basically charge for access to it.

In one way or another, a huge number of young women in the US are simply selling their pussies. They may not be walking the streets, but they are not tremendously different. After age 30 most women have Walled out and quit selling pussy because they can’t get away with it anymore.

They are looking for a betabux for marriage and kids, sport-fucking, and having relationships/ relationshits or whatever most normal women do. But they aren’t really fucking for money anymore simply because they can’t get away with it. We men won’t fork it over for their post-Wall pussies. We’d rather pay for the young stuff, 18-30.

We worship money here in America, and here’s the evidence of that. I guess that’s behind all of this mass whoredom and pussy-selling.

Alt Left: Janet Fiamengo, “Feminists Play Fast and Loose with Data Again”

Feminist messing with rape data and blowing the rape rate far higher than it actually is. The latest fake feminist study.

Ever heard the figure that 20

So how many women really get raped at university? Try 2.3

Ever seen the figure of how many women get raped over a lifetime? I forget the figure but it’s more fakery. What’s the real figure? Try 16

How many rape claims are false? Feminist claim it is 2-8

You hear crazy figures like out of every 1,000 rape cases, only 6 result in a conviction and incarceration.

Well, I know a cop. He told me that in his city, they throw out 90

There are also some fairly valid reasons why the rest of rape cases that are actually filed – 100 out of 1,000 – eventually filter down to 6 out of 1,000.

Actually most rapists are not particularly dangerous. The truly dangerous rapists are the sadistic rapists. Feminists will say all rapists are sadistic, but really only 5-10

There are other rapists, two categories having to do with power. One is called power reassurance. This man feels he is inadequate and rapes to make himself feel like a man again. These are often the “gentleman rapist” types. They really exist. They won’t hurt you and they often apologize to the woman after it’s over.

There is the power-anger rapist. This man is angry at women for whatever reason, which could be due to all sorts of things. He hates women or at least is very angry with them. They usually don’t kill but they can, especially if the woman puts up a fight.

In those cases, he can indeed hurt the woman and sometimes even kill her. If he kills her, he feels bad about and leaves soon afterwards. They often do hurt women though because roughness, beatings, etc. may accompany the rape due to his rage at women.

Who Controls Hollywood?

Someone stated the common remark “Who controls it?” on one of the comments. I forgot where it was and I can’t find it. Anyway, to respond, I would say, “Yeah, Jews control the media, of course.” However, what can WN’s really do about it? Nothing, of course. All they will do for the next century or more is say the same thing.

The vast majority of Americans are supportive of the New Agenda, but they’re not comfortable with it, and that will probably keep going endlessly.

Anyway, myself, considering that in some since in some Buddhist-like sense, the current situation is something that cannot be stopped or changed, I would rather drop out of society than turn into a hateful monster and joining a movement that’s basically beating it’s head against a wall. Well, there is fun in hate.

I suspect that’s what keeping everyone in it – that demonic pull of being a rebel against society (conspiracy theories, persecution). Some Whites might still think the Whites can still win, but they’re going against mathematical probability.

But Won’t Black/Hispanic Crime Drive the White Masses to Extremism?

No, because that crime is concentrated in urban areas or wherever Blacks are “too much a percentage.” In that case, Whites can simply move away from them as they always have. In fact, as usual, the only Whites in those places are trapped by poverty. Although, oddly enough, they have enough to live on actually. This has been discussed before. Hence they either join the local culture or they are resentful types who probably become huge WN’s.

Another Repellent of the WN Movement

A lot of white Americans are degenerates – lol.  I mean, how are vast majorities going to be won over by WNs – when half the population is obese!? Also, much of the population is disabled – and much of the population (a much larger percentage) holds to Judeo-Christian ideas of mercy and compassion.

I mean, come on – WNs are so  intolerant – that even the Marine Corps can’t handle it – lol.

Anyway, people are generally fed up with being told they’re weak, stupid, genetically prone to crime, laziness – whatever – so they’re not going to support movements which amplify those ideas!

Reservoir Dogs (1992)

Reservoir Dogs (1992).

Quentin Tarantino’s first film, an indie. After that came Pulp Fiction only two years later. It’s hard to imagine that he’s produced a better movie since than either of these, although many of his subsequent movies have been very good. I recently watched this on the Net for the first time and it was out of this world. The dialogue was great, the plot was perfect and in particular, the acting was simply amazing.

There is a lot of very explicit violence in this movie though, so it’s very hard to take. But I like Tarantino’s take on violence. The old violence in movies was sanitized. Tarantino makes lethal and non-lethal violence seem gross, disgusting, nauseating, sickening, blood and guts and all that splattered all over.

Shot bodies react just as bodies do when shot – absolutely fling backwards at a very fast speed. People stagger off to finally drop. Dying takes a while for some and is disgusting and  horrible to watch.

You watch sanitized violence and it seems like violence is not so bad. We kids used to play army. If you got shot, you fell down like in the movies. But it was all sanitized, like the violence in the movies. That makes it too clean and it makes violence more likely.

When you see how sickening real violence is, blood and guts splattered all over, people wheezing and gasping in death throes, it’s so sickening and repulsive that it seems like the last thing you would ever want to do. It’s hard to imagine anyone but a sadist getting aroused or jazzed up by Tarantino’s grotesque and sickening violence.

Normal people will want to vomit or walk out of the theater. And in fact, at initial showings at the Cannes, many viewers did walk out on this movie, including famous directors. But even the walk-outs said the movie was very good.

Well recommended. Have you watched it yet? Do.

Watch online.

Pretenders, “Stop Your Sobbing”

The very early punk rock or new wave album came out in 1979. This was their debut album. The singer is named Chrissie Hyde. Her singing is absolutely glorious and all of the songs on this album are great. This album stayed on my turntable for a long time. That was a great time for music. So much great music produced then, nothing like nowadays.

This music came out 40 years ago!

It is time for you to stop all of your sobbing Yes, it’s time for you to stop all of your sobbing oh oh oh

There’s one thing you gotta do To make me still want you Gotta stop sobbing now Yeah yeah stop it stop it

It is time for you to laugh instead of crying Yes it’s time for you to laugh, so keep on trying oh oh oh

There’s one thing you gotta do To make me still want you Gotta stop sobbing now Yeah yeah stop it stop it

Each little tear that falls from your eyes Makes, makes me want To take you in my arms and tell you To stop all your sobbing

There’s one thing you gotta do To make me still want you And there’s one thing you gotta know To make me want you so Gotta stop sobbing now Yeah yeah stop it stop it

Alt Left: No Virginia, There Are No Gay Animals

For reference.

Any animals have a strap-on equivalent? I doubt there are fake dicks in nature. Lesbians are just low. They want to strap it on and be a man, but this is all imaginary. They are really only good for licking. All they can really do is lick pussy and ass, so those are the cards they play.

In nature, a strong man would penetrate the pussy. What male could the weaker female overpower? She’d take on a submissive role like all women, with the only trace of her lesbianism existing in her proficiency in licking a mans ass.

Of courses there are no aminals that strap it on or do anything equivalent. In fact, in most animals including mammals sex is for procreation, not for pleasure. Only chimps and bonobos have sex for pleasure.

There are no lesbian animals no matter what the Gay Agenda (Gay Identity Politics) tells you. There are few gay animals. There are cases of two female birds guarding an egg together, but that is because there was no male around. Likewise for male penguins guarding an egg. They don’t fuck in either case.

There are no gay reptiles, amphibians, insects or birds. Zero.

And only one species of mammal has gay males, sheep, and even they don’t fuck. They just try to mount each other, but nothing happens. Maybe they should send those sheep to Frisco to show ’em how it’s done.

Sometimes female mammals will try to mount a female animal that is in heat. I had a cat that was going into heat (their vaginas get wet, which is very interesting, like human females). This other female cat I had got this weird look on its face and tried to mount her. Not sure what’s going, but it ain’t lesbianism.

Gay IP says that stupidest stuff, like “10

Alt Left: How Many People Are Gay? The 10% Lie of Gay Identity Politics

No, 10

The 10

The Kinsey study also found that 37

The first finding was from a Playboy study in 1974. One study found that the 25

And even the Kinsey study did not find 10

How many Americans are gay? 2 3 1

Source: Every study ever.

Some recent studies are showing higher numbers for these generations, Gen Z and the Millennials. Among British males 18-30, 6

So the rate of gay men and men who self-ID as non-straight and those who identify as gay is clearly rising among these new generations. In my generation, 2

It’s a chicken or egg problem, and it’s almost impossible to figure out the answer because Gay IP has set up a trap door in the question. According to Gay IP, every time rates of homosexuality go up, it is because more gays are coming out of the closet. If rates of homosexuality decline, that is because more of them are going back in the closet!

Obviously this crazy argument is not correct. Actually it’s even worse than that. It’s not even wrong! Instead it’s completely non-falsifiable like so many stupid IP arguments, so it’s automatically garbage theory.

If the rate is really on the rise, this would seem to put a kibosh in the idea that almost all gay men are biologically gay. How would a biological factor double in such a short period of time? I don’t think it can. Certainly a genetic factor cannot increase in that period of time.

The theory is that male homosexuality (and a lot of lesbianism and male transsexualism) is a developmental disorder, caused by hormonal fluctuations in the mother while the fetus is in the womb.

I swear I read this a while ago, but now I can’t find not can I find a reference to this anywhere, but I read on the Net years back that when Czechoslovakia left Communism and broke up, the new Czech Republic instituted strict monitoring of women’s hormonal levels in the womb. Where the level was off, it was leveled out somehow or other.

The rate of male homosexuality and male transsexualism among the children so monitored nearly collapsed over the course of time when they were doing this. If this is true, it is very interesting a possible cure for homosexuality and transsexualism or a way to stop homosexuality and transsexualism from developing in the first place.

Now perhaps I am remembering this statement I read incorrectly. I’ve done so before with other things. I’m sure about such and such a fact as I have read it somewhere, but when I go back and check, I am remembering it wrong and it didn’t say that at all. That’s the Rashomon Effect.

Three studies in the West found that 12-20

So we can state for certain that many bisexual women do not appear to have been born that way at all but instead are adopting this identity as part of a fad. Young women are mostly engaging in lesbian sex to turn on men because men like to see in as it turns them on. Lesbians despise these bisexuals and say they are fake. They call them “hard-on lesbians.” It’s obviously socially constructed behavior, and a lot of it is being copied out of porn.

Anecdotally, I am seeing a lot more male bisexuality these days. Surveys are not picking it up but maybe they are not doing the surveys correctly. I run into stories about young men doing this all the time, and I have met a number of men who are doing this. Basically all of these men would have just been straight like you, me or any of my male readers in any prior era.

They’re just engaging in gay sex as part of a fad or just for shits and giggles. They’re doing it simply for recreation because they are perverts. I don’t like this nonsense because unlike biological gays who have no choice, these men could perfectly well choose not to do this.

As far as my male readers go, I discourage it. But you guys can do whatever you want with your dicks. I’m no moralfag and I’m kind of a scum myself, so I shouldn’t judge. So just don’t tell me about if you like to put dicks in your mouth, please.

Laughing at the New Agenda – a Waste of Time

Dropping Out of Society – The Only Way to Keep From Hate

Now, my relative was a bigot. He would see shows with Blacks and make fun of that Black person, calling him the n-word. In fact, like others in my family, he was always making one racist/homophobic etc. comment or the other about something! But it is such a waste of time, especially now as The New Agenda is pretty much unstoppable and coming toward a zenith. You did see the article I posted on here about 2019’s Oscars right?

Laughing at something that cannot be stopped not only is a waste of time, but it kills your soul. It turns you into a monster because of course, hate and racism are wrong. Who are we kidding here (moralfag accusations -aside)?

As I was saying in the last article, a person should seek out fame or whatever satisfaction they want outside the mainstream. They should just view this world as lost – like a nuclear holocaust happened!


Dropping Out of Society – the Only Way to Keep from Hate

On the Anti-White Agenda at the Oscars as Noted by Stormfront

Well, with my drum lesson thing, I’m not trying to get on the major networks (PBS, NBC, CBS, ABC, HBO, Showtime etc..).  There’s no chance of being booted off in favor of affirmative action of course, assuming my stuff was good anyhow.

Anyway, definitely white people (or others) holding on to this world are going to be hate-filled more than not because it’s all going the way of an agenda that, while it is supposed to be kind and enlightening, is rather making hell on Earth!  I mean, look at the rage in White nationalism!  Do I need to say more?

So definitely the solution is for someone to buy or get some way their own audience independent of the mainstream.  The downside is you might feel your stuff is inferior in some way, but certainly, a person can measure what real quality is.  There’s no need for mainstream approval.

Now myself, I built up a huge following.  I think it’s high quality and also importantly – the internet gives me that option and I don’t see that right coming down in my lifetime.

Doing this cause I’m a racist?

Nah, no way.  I’m simply a person that realizes the fight to take back society – like White nationalists want is a losing battle and one where you lose your soul. That’s what I think and plus, again, I’m not a racist, but I wouldn’t want to cooperate with a world with this freako agenda going on!  I don’t think I’d get a fair shake anyway – even being disabled and weight challenged, lol.

On the Anti-White Agenda at the Oscars as Noted by Stormfront

Stormfront’s always good for some dark comedy:

Did anyone watch this mess last night? What a bad joke!

Rami Malek, other actors of color make history at 2019 Oscars in acting categories |

“People of color win majority of acting Oscars for the first time in history”

Here’s the list of non-white winners 2019: Oscar Winners 2019: Complete List | Hollywood Reporter

Rami Malek (Egyptian) – best actor

Regina King (black) – best supporting actress

Mahershala Ali (black) – best supporting actor

Here is the full list of 2019’s Academy Award winners:

Best Actor in a Leading Role — Rami Malek, Bohemian Rhapsody YouTube

About homosexual singer, Queen

Best Actress in a Leading Role — Olivia Colman, The Favourite YouTube

About a lesbian love triangle in the English royal court

Best Director — Alfonso Cuarón, Roma YouTube

About a Mexican maid

Best Picture — Green Book YouTube

Uneducated uncouth white guy is hired to drive around and work for a genius black man.

Documentary (Feature) — Jimmy Chin and Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi, Free Solo

Actress in a Supporting Role — Regina King, If Beale Street Could Talk

Makeup and Hairstyling — Greg Cannom, Kate Biscoe, and Patricia Dehaney, Vice

Costume Design — Ruth E. Carter, Black Panther

Production Design — Hannah Beachler and Jay Hart, Black Panther

Cinematography — Alfonso Cuarón, Roma

Sound Editing — John Warhurst, Bohemian Rhapsody

Sound Mixing — Paul Massey, Tim Cavagin, and John Casali, Bohemian Rhapsody

Foreign Language Film — Alfonso Cuarón, Roma

Film Editing — John Ottman, Bohemian Rhapsody

Actor in a Supporting Role — Mahershala Ali, Green Book

Animated Feature Film — Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Bob Persichetti, Peter Ramsey, Rodney Rothman

Animated Short Film — Domee Shi, Bao

Documentary Short Subject — Rayka Zehtabchi and Melissa Berton, Period. End of Sentence.

Visual Effects — Paul Lambert, Ian Hunter, Tristan Myles and J.D. Schwalm, First Man

Live Action Short Film — Guy Nattiv and Jamie Ray Newman, Skin

Best Original Screenplay — Nick Vallelonga, Brian Currie, Peter Farrelly, Green Book

Best Adapted Screenplay — Spike Lee, Sean McKittrick, Jason Blum, Raymond Mansfield, Jordan Peele, BlacKkKlansman

Original Score — Ludwig Goransson, Black Panther

Original Song — Lady Gaga, Mark Ronson, Anthony Rossomando, and Andrew Wyatt, “Shallow,” A Star Is Born

But that is BECAUSE of their colour rather than abilities. At this rate blind people will be given school bus driving licenses. “Are you capable” doesn’t matter it is what libtards think that wins the day…… and wins the future….. we need to hurry up.

Is it, though?

It’s Affirmative Action now at the Oscars

Give the negroes & mexicans 100

Ahhh poor baby – what was that?  Please tell!

Let Hollywood implode on itself, the White egotistical leftist actors and actresses will start to feel left out and may wake up to political correctness.

Or will they just sit on the sidelines while not being recognized?

Interesting theory – might be something there!

The only white person I could tell won in one of the acting categories is a white English woman who played a lesbian. The movie Bohemian Rhapsody about the gay lead singer of Queen also won a few awards. Had to be gay or non white to win!

Yeah, of course – LOL !!

Oh the Hate from Stormfront – so Amusing (Green Book Movie)

Who visits this forum? Frustrated cops? The Travis Bickle character off Taxi Driver, lol?

Sounds about right.

Oh to live in a sundown town…

Those people knew how to keep their communities safe.

We need a White book I’ve never been in USA and I think I light be socked by all non Whites living there

We need to bring segregation back until they can all be deported. There seems to be at least one random Negro at almost all establishments these days. Acting obnoxious. Usually just hovering around by the door for some reason, with no car and not buying anything.

Negroes destroy our lives with violent crime. Everywhere they inhabit becomes a cesspool where Whites are raped and murdered. It’s terrible. Yet, this article turns logic upside down. Negroes push their way into White areas to avoid Negro crime.

The Open Road Wasn’t Quite Open to All, August 22, 2019 Recalling ‘Green Book,’ Guide for Black Travelers – The New York Times

Did Victor H. Green think that traveling to Harlem was safe? Or any other Black community?

They’d snatch Whitey and pull him down any alley available….

Just a bunch Jewrywood non-sense.

Oh, this takes the cake: 😆

Why didn’t they make a nice film about a Black couple using the Green Book to travel on their honeymoon before WWII?

No, they had to push it into the civil rights era and make it about a queer musician.

If they had portrayed it correctly, people might have seen how great segregation is in action. And that includes Blacks sticking with their own kind with things for themselves, too.

Queer musician (who is also Black)? Well, I guess that’s getting two birds with one stone, right? But we don’t want to rub it in lol?


Now, while there’s a heavy amount of truth to what’s said, and that makes it hilarious, it’s the tone that is wrong.  It’s not about what’s said but how it’s said. Also, there is so much over-the-top exaggeration!

Aren’t Whites Who Complain about Black Harassment Snowflakes?

I’m just thinking of this “hypothetically”.  I mean, some Whites whine on and on about how mean Blacks are and how they hurt their feelings (calling them honky, cracker – whatever), but when it comes to other matters – like say, sex and/or social relations – they think anyone complaining about so-called White male oppression are sissy snowflakes!  Am I correct here?

Well, anyway, if @Robert Lindsay’s Black-a-block plan will have any chance, people have to be willing to tough out a little “childish hate”.

Did the Jim Crow South Exist Because Blacks Wanted It That Way?

I was with this Black church, and we traveled to the Deep South to visit another Black church, and that was the first time being White seemed to be a problem inside of a church. Some in the congregation made a comment I could be part-Black, and then some middle-school girl called me a honky. It was totally unprovoked – I was a sweetheart, really! The point being that they have a serious problem with race there. In fact, it’s a wonder the Civil Rights movement happened there at all.

The Civil Rights movement in the South might have been more about something other than rights because, honestly, most of the blacks were probably perfectly content with having nothing to with whites at all! From my viewpoint, it seems as if parts of the South might as well have well been a sort of “New Africa.”

Could It Be?

The Civil Rights movement was more about Blacks living in “less racist areas” but not areas totally free of racism? It could have been about the fact that “separate but equal” was really “separate and unequal?” In other words, under Jim Crow, anything offered to the Blacks was low quality, and the only way to stop it was by instituting equal rights.

Blacks Don’t Really Like White people

I heard this from old-timers, and it certainly would apply to the Deep South and Urban North, where generally they don’t like Whites, but the men might drag in a White woman out of lust occasionally and adopt her into the tribe.

This is not the scene in West Virginia and many other areas of the US simply because there are fewer Blacks there, and Black IP doesn’t have a foothold among those that do live there.

What about White Identity Politics?

It’s not as present in the Mid South as you’d think, though it does exist in areas. Overall, a Black person is more welcome in West Virginia than a White person is in Black areas of Mississippi, etc.


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