PUA/Game: Women Fight Dirty and Don’t Believe in Rules

Jason: Those women are being bitches – specifically picking on unattractive men. HOWEVER, it was noted recently on this blog that men unfairly target skinny men for “picking on”. Isn’t that the same thing?

Real Men Don’t Fight Dirty

I don’t know. I don’t know any men who pick on skinny men. That stuff is usually over by age 20. Maybe guys in high school might, I dunno. I’ve never known any skinny guys in my life that got picked on but YMMV.

According to male morality, it’s immoral to make up lies about another man just because you hate him. Sure, men do this all the time, especially in politics and war. But you’re not supposed to. You see a lot of men fighting dirty on the Net because they are completely unaccountable for their actions. If you let everyone be anonymous, you will get a society of psychopaths.  Most people only act halfway decent because they are forced to, sorry to say.

To a lot of men like me, a man fighting dirty is severely pussy behavior. A real man doesn’t fight dirty. A real man is honorable and he even fights honorably. I only fight honorably for the most part. I won’t make up a sheer lie about anyone, even my worst enemy.

Fighting dirty is chickenshit and pussy. It’s for little bitches, not real men. Frankly, fighting dirty is extremely feminine behavior because that’s how women fight. When you fight dirty you acknowledge that you are weak, as weak as a woman. It’s pathetic.

Women attack men they see as unattractive far more than other men do. Really, we men don’t really give a fuck about the rest of men. Hell, I don’t even look at other men most of the time! I see no men bullying other men ever in my day to day life and haven’t seen any of this for many years.

Fighting Dirty Is Natural and Normal Female Behavior

Now that we armed these dumb cunts with #metoo, they are using it to go after any man they don’t like. They will specifically single out men who they think are weird or unattractive and accuse them of #metoo violations. Most of the accusations will be straight up lies.

Young women are basically cunts. Evil cunts. Women get a lot less evil as they get older. Most women over 30 will not make up some #metoo lie about some man just because they think he’s weird or ugly.

But young women absolutely will. I would say 1/3 of young women are such evil cunts that they would straight up make up a #metoo lie out of whole cloth just because they think some guy is ugly, weird, or creepy. 1/3 of young women are pretty much psychopaths. Just pure cunts. The other 2/3 are ok. Young women are a field of landmines though. Most are good but a lot of them are very, very bad.

You must understand female thinking. Women think it is 100% acceptable to make up sheer lies about ugly, weird, or creepy men just because they don’t like them and they make these women feel “uncomfortable.” According to female “morality” that is 100% moral. This is how female “morals” work.

Women don’t believe in rules. Women think that rules are for men, not for women. They think men make up those rules to disarm women because men are so much stronger. As the weaker party, of course women fight dirty, and the acceptability of fighting dirty is a part of female “morality.” Women think, “We’re weak and men are strong. If we have to play fair, then they will destroy us. The only way we can fight men is to fight dirty.”

It’s like weak guerrilla groups going up against powerful national armies of nation-states. The only way that guerrillas stand a chance at all against national armies is if they fight dirty and throw out most of the rules. Face it, forcing guerrillas to fight fair means they are guaranteed to be wiped out. I don’t like terrorism, but a lot of guerrillas think terrorism is justified because they are weak, and terrorism is the only way they have a chance at all.

Until you figure this out about women, you will never understand them. Women won’t harm you physically but they can cause severe psychological and spiritual harm to men and their psyches. This country is full of men who have been more or less destroyed by women’s cruelty.

I don’t recommend that you get destroyed by this. I recommend instead to completely toughen up as far as women are concerned and recognize that millions of women in this country are straight up pure evil cunts from Hell. Accept that and be ok with it because you can’t change it. But most women are more or less decent human beings, and that applies even to young women, who excel in psychopathy.

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6 thoughts on “PUA/Game: Women Fight Dirty and Don’t Believe in Rules”

  1. To a lot of men like me, a man fighting dirty is severely pussy behavior. A real man doesn’t fight dirty. A real man is honorable and he even fights honorably. I only fight honorably for the most part. I won’t make up a sheer lie about anyone, even my worst enemy.

    Damn, Robert. This one sentence summarizes all the problems in your life. You belong to a very different generation, dude.

    Today’s generation of “men” fight dirtier than women. They giggle like schoolgirls concerning the misfortune of their enemies. They’re vile gossips and also like to squeal….you can no longer trust today’s generation of “men” with your secrets.

    Honor? Come on, that’s an archaic word which no longer belongs in the dictionary. Fight honorably? What do you expect the Generation Z wusses to be? Some kind of knights.

    Where were you even living all these years? When was the last time you saw anything on television?

    You’re out of step with 2019. Your kind is a dying breed, silly. Why didn’t anyone give you the memo yet? You’re at least fifteen years too late.

    1. Men have more honor than women, even today. Dismissing either group as entirely vile is false. Defending honor just isn’t a woman’s role. Fighting dirty, being petty, etc. are still womanly even if more men do it today. I identify as a White European man and do find raceless Whites are more petty like women in general.

      SHI and Robert know more about Indians, but I get the feeling they excel at pettiness and truth twisting. A straight, honest answer is practically European in nature. “All I have is my balls and my word” type view was common there. Indians contradict what they say more. European History has a level of accuracy and consistency Indian history does not because of our different natures.

  2. O.K. I’ll play the devil’s advocate. Seriously, in any town – are guys (as in traditional male) who run their mouth, backstab.

    How is this different from chicks? Nothing.

    1. I agree.

      Also, this is what urban dictionary says about the word cunt:

      “A word that is actually gender-neutral throughout Australia and Europe but is only targeted towards women by Americans.”

      By that reasoning, Robert’s a cunt for allowing these women he writes about to be such irritants. Robert, haven’t you heard of the bitch slap?

      Also, Jason, you’re a cunt for invoking the advocate of the free thinker voice to point out the obvious. Duh?

      In the end, being a cunt isn’t so bad. At least you’re not a pussy.

      1. You’re right. I am probably a cunt. But at least I’m not a pussy. Women are always gonna bitch out. Ain’t nothing you can do about it but try to minimize it I suppose. I live in White World. We can’t hit women here. They will call the police and try to get us arrested. They’ve already threatened to do that a few times after I smacked ’em.

    2. Like I said in another comment somewhere else, young people only respect jackasses (no matter what their appearance is) or people who are good at music (as in a rock or rap band) or sports. That’s why a typical person coming into a high school/middle school is going to have a rough time.

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