Why Was Danny La Russo (Karate Kid Movie) Hated?

Karate Kid Movie Spoiler

He was hated (the fictional character) cause he was a chicken – the same reason similar kids are hated everywhere. He got into karate to win respect, but he could have gotten the same thing by throwing a rock at a school window – no joke!

Now, I do think working out will increase the respect you get, but I suspect it isn’t enough. People are also into initiations like frats or gangs have. In other words, the person wanting to be part of the group has to prove themselves by doing something crazy.

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6 thoughts on “Why Was Danny La Russo (Karate Kid Movie) Hated?”

  1. I’m not an ’80s man really but from what I saw in the original Karate Kid movie, Johnny and his gang would have found Daniel LaRusso a natural target for the following reasons:

    1. He has a squeaky, high-pitched voice like a girl. I didn’t notice that first but it took me a couple of reruns of that movie to understand that Daniel has a histrionic personality disorder. He almost sounds like someone’s crazy aunt.

    Of course, in today’s era, it’s acceptable for men to sound like that. And they often do. Just open your television and I swear almost each and every male TV character sounds exactly like LaRusso: excitable, squeamish, and craven. In other words, unmanly.

    I’m sure back then in 1984, it was par for course to be picking on girly boys like LaRusso. It’s an instinctual reaction. Probably it triggers homophobia although LaRusso isn’t gay, he just sounds like one.

    2. He’s skinny. If you’re a skinny dude in high school/college surrounded by healthier normal adults, you WILL be assaulted. We just can’t have an annoying little twerp like LaRusso move around freely without a few daily bruises to remind him of his inferior physique.

    When Johnny and his gang see LaRusso, they react exactly like a group of hyena males would when they come across a girly gazelle stag. It just activates that reptilian brain, those predator-prey neurons evolved from millions of years ago when we had common ancestors with hyenas.

    3. He was dating Johnny Lawrence’s ex-girlfriend. Granted they broke up because Johnny can’t help acting like a misogynistic domineering man. He’s fine with Samantha leaving him, he’s not fine with her dating a sub-normal freak of nature called Daniel LaRusso. That’s why he enjoys humiliating him in the presence of Samantha “look,what you replaced me with? He’s such a loser LOL”.

    1. It has very little to do with body physique – and almost all to do with being a chicken. I mean, come on. Chris Farley was fat.

      The lie that people believe is that – some are ugly – and that’s drawing the bullies. Not really.

      In fact, the world is swarming with degenerate idiots – whom – themselves – are bullies. In fact, the guy picking on me – and I was skinny in middle/high school – was also a string-bean. But nobody picked on him for being skinny!

      On top of that

      I can name a few short people – who were plenty popular – and often they were the most insecure racists/ misogynists in sight.

      1. Farley wasn’t pure fat. His father was even bigger. He had a football linebacker-type fat and muscular build in high school. He looked fat but so do many well-built men.

          1. So what ? Isn’t that the snowflake/Mr. Rogers philosophy that everyone’s special? What are you driving at here? Basically, you lost the argument.

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