Getting Banned from Starbucks

SHI: I’ve been thrown out of a couple of Starbucks outlets because other customers were “uncomfortable” around me. The staff gave no further explanations. That’s why I hate the Gaybucks outlets and don’t visit them anymore.

I actually feel much better that SHI has been banned from a couple of Gaybucks too for much the same reasons that I have been. I thought that only creeps, weirdos, freaks, losers, autists, incels, and social retards* got banned. Not players. But I guess they ban any guy who goes after women in that place. Players go after women all the time because that’s what players do, so they’re going to get banned from SJW joints like Fagbucks.

I had another friend who was a huge player (much more of one than I ever was) and he used to get banned or get warnings for this stuff a lot too. He had a tablet or cellphone, and he used to walk around public places taking pictures of women’s bodies – their tits, their asses, etc.

He even did this in supermarkets! And he did it all the time in bars and nightclubs to the point where he kept nearly getting thrown out of these places. The bouncers at a number of those places really hated him. He even got the cops called on him once. He ended up just getting a warning, but it could have been worse.

Now I must admit that that is creepy, but he wasn’t some creepy weirdo who couldn’t get laid either. The guy was drowning in pussy most of the time.

So apparently highly successful players can do creepy stuff sometimes. I mean they have sex on their brains, and they are chasing women 24-7, so there’s bound to be some complaints in this SJW #Metoo World.

It’s important to note that #metoo doesn’t just go after creeps, weirdos, freaks, and dangerous men. It also goes after guys who can’t get laid with God’s help. #metoo has heavily targeted men who are hugely successful with women from the very start.

I feel a lot better now that players get banned for this crap as much as creeps, freaks, and dangerous weirdos.

SHI’s been banned from two Gaybucks and he’s quit patronizing them. I’ve been banned from three of them so far.

Here’s my history with this shitty company:

2007: Banned for “looking at the baristas.” I looked at one’s tits after she served me, and she noticed and got mad. Hey, I’m heterosexual! Fuck it man, I’ve been looking at women my whole life. Of course I look at their bodies – their tits, their pussies, their asses, their curves – the whole nine  yards. How in the Hell do you not look at a hot woman’s body? How is that even possible?

Did it suddenly become illegal or something? I complained to corporate and got ban revoked. Banned by 18-23 year old shits. Just kids, really.

2009: Someone who worked at a Fagbucks came to my site and said everyone there thinks I’m really creepy, and they all don’t want me coming in there anymore. I haven’t the faintest idea what I did to make them feel this way.

I did bring in some stuff of my website for them to read,  which as it turns out, was a huge mistake. It was Spot the Language stuff. But that just seemed to completely freak them out.

I saw one guy reading one of my posts with a baffled expression on his face like he could not figure out what in God’s name I was talking about, like it was written in Greek or something. He also acted like he found it weird and disturbing as if it was some sort of dangerous and possibly illegal printed material.

This happened at another coffee shop too, and some guy got totally weirded out by another Spot the Language post. He thought it was advocating “pedophilia” or some nonsense. Of course it wasn’t. My Mom said to never show any of them any of my work every again.

“They won’t understand it. Because they don’t understand it, they’ll think it’s weird and disturbing, and they might think you are a strange or dangerous person. It will make them hate you because people hate what they can’t understand.”

This ban is still beyond me. Ok, I’m creepy. What does that even mean? How do I not be creepy? I have no idea whatsoever. I don’t usually make sexual remarks or flirt.

Also, I never would have done so well with women if I was some sort of a creepy socially retard perverted freak. Those guys don’t get laid. Creepy weirdos aren’t players.

I thought I was on pretty good terms with a lot of those people too. Banned by 18-25 year old turds. Basically kids.

2019: Banned after “a number of young women” complained that I was harassing them. I have no idea what this means. I do talk to people all the time. I talk to all kinds of people of all ages and either sex. People next to me in line, people at the counter, people at the pickup counter. Mostly people standing next to me in line.

I guess that’s creepy!

A woman and her daughter, I might ask if it’s a mother and daughter. Might inquire about someone’s kids, like guess their ages. That’s usually not an issue. I try to act very non-creepy when I do this, but honestly it’s not that hard because boys and little girls/Lolitas don’t do it for me anyway.

I guess all this is creepy too!

Sometimes if I see a young woman I know, I will go over and have a very brief conversation with her, ask her what she’s doing, etc. If it seems like she’s busy and doesn’t want to talk, I will end it in 30-60 seconds. It could be less than that.

I guess that’s creepy!

Sometimes, I will finish a conversation I had with someone in line. I will go up to their table, say a few sentences that add to the conversation, and then turn and walk away if they seem like they don’t want to talk. I don’t want to make women feel like I’m picking up on them, so I break it off real fast if I get the “I don’t want to talk” vibe, which sadly I get all the time nowadays.

I guess that’s creepy!

If someone acts like they don’t want to talk or gives one word or one sentence answers, I break it off.

I guess that’s creepy!

I do chat up baristas, ask them if they are in college, etc. Sometimes if they live in town. Sometimes comment on an outfit, jewelry or change in hair color or makeup. Sometimes I comment on their names. If they don’t have a name tag, I make a joke about it. I’ve become friends with a few of them and had conversations about a lot of stuff.

I guess that’s creepy!

I never hit on any of baristas because they were all quite young, and I never got an IOI from any of them.

I guess that’s creepy!

I did tell one woman near my age that if she wasn’t married I would ask her out. She said, “Oh that’s so sweet.”

I guess that’s creepy!

If they mean sexual harassment, I never sexually harassed any women in there ever.

I did get a couple of IOI’s. One from a police officer and another from an attorney, both women. They both walked right up to me and started talking to me. Actually, that’s the type of women who typically approach me – some sort of professional. But I didn’t even flirt with or come on to either of them too for some reason.

I never asked for one phone number or date the whole time I was there. Honestly I almost never even flirted with any women in there because I need IOI’s to do that, and they pretty much don’t exist anymore.

The only thing I can think of is that some young women think it’s harassment when I talk to them at all, and apparently they don’t want me talking to them, period. But a lot of times they act like they like it, so I continue. If they act like they don’t, I shut it down.

“Talking to someone when they don’t want you to talk to them even though they never communicate that to you” hardly seems like much of a crime.

*Losers, incels, autists, and social retards are absolutely welcome here. Most of you are not bad people. Creeps, weirdos, and freaks – not so much. But even the latter three are welcome if you want to come here and try to figure out what you are doing wrong. We will try to help you figure out how you are messing up and steer you on a path to where you are not doing these things. We are not moralfags!

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15 thoughts on “Getting Banned from Starbucks”

  1. You just can’t get over it LOL

    Tell you what, buddy. I’m going to do something that’s really going to cheer you up. Have you heard of Urban Dictionary? You know how many views they get a month – it’s in hundreds of millions.

    I just saw the word entry for “Gaybucks” is not present right now. So, someone needs to create an entry there, right? Leave to that me.

    Let’s ruin their online reputation. It’s David vs. Goliath, motherfuckers. Or, Robert vs. Gaybucks Corp.

    Of course I’m a coward so my name isn’t getting dragged into it. Just give your consent, OK. But, I don’t want Gaybucks corp. suing you for defamation….LOL…

    1. Yeah this shit makes me feel bad. I don’t appreciate being called a creep. I’m supposed to be ok with this? But if you are getting banned too, I feel better. It looks like a lot of places are not just banning loser creeps but they’re also banning studs and players.

      Go for it. Make an entry for Fagbucks while you’re at it.

      Thanks for telling me to get over it, though. Appreciate it.

  2. You might want to try bikini baristas. I mean, Starbucks ladies are not meant to be lusted after – like say what you’d see at Hooters. Well, that’s not SJW talk – but reality.

    How about strip clubs? Well, they’re too expensive for most guys. Well, you can go in as a cheapskate – but not a good idea!

    1. Any hot young woman anywhere is going to get lusted after whether she wears an SJW badge or not. If Starbucks baristas are hot men are going to lust after them, pure and simple. That’s just basic normal behavior of the human male. You can’t blame us for acting human.

      I don’t like this idea very much. This is what the feminists, the male feminists and the cucks say. They want to remove all sex from day to day society, work and non-work as possible because poor little women-children get all upset by it and can’t stop crying like the babies that they are.

      These people want to throw all of men going after women to specialized places in society that are reserved for that purpose, be they bars, nightclubs, or whatever. I really don’t like that idea and I consider it cucked at best and homo at worst.

      I agree that their purpose is not to be lusted after though.

      1. Well, I mean, it can go into overkill. Best idea is that a little flirting is fine – even at a family restaurant – but not gawking. Now extreme flirting might be something I’d save for another place. Maybe you could get their number and then flirt with them somewhere else.

        They want to remove all sex from day to day society, work and non-work as possible because poor little women-children get all upset by it and can’t stop crying like the babies that they are.

        They’re being bitches – specifically picking on unattractive men. HOWEVER, it was noted recently on this blog that men unfairly target skinny men for “picking on”. Isn’t that the same thing? Well, I mentioned the real problem is that the guys come across as chickens – it’s not the “look” per se.

      2. Key words “hot” and “young”. In certain areas of the modern West, young and hot are off limits to old White men. You’re welcome to a young homely girl or a hot older woman. But combine young and hot, that’s something sacred. A Time to Kill, “now imagine the innocent victim was White”. Today it’s, “now imagine the innocent victim is young and hot!”

    2. I kinda resent this idea that the only place on Earth I am allowed to have a normal sex drive is in a strip joint.

      1. I kinda resent this idea that the only place on Earth I am allowed to have a normal sex drive is in a strip joint.

        This is because you live in ‘Murica, the origin of modern propriety as per the rules set by Fagbucks, Wal-Mart, Amazon, Instagram, Tinder and other contraptions.

        Just drive south of the border from where you are. You’ll find a different world where you can ogle all the women you want, freely touch their bodies, chat with them. You don’t know what you’re missing out on.

  3. That’s just it – “SJW joint”. So they’ll apologize to Blacks for calling the cops, but Robert getting justice has a snowballs chance in hell. I see it locally too – bar won’t let Blacks in, but the Whites not let in don’t make the news. SJW’s are raceless idiots who have to listen to PC comics. What boring and soft men. That a lot of women like SJW places is the only perk.

    1. There was almost half a millineum of history – where people specifically targeted blacks – at the expense of whites.

      1. Those were the good ol’ days for many Whites and frankly Blacks behaved better. I don’t feel connected to their oppression.

        Let the Arabs deal with them as they have for much longer than Europeans.

        Blacks and SE Asians seem to temper Islam.

        I think Whites trying to save Black Africa has worse long-term effects for Africans. It’s like feeding bears. Makes the person (White) feel good and even the bears (Blacks) temporarily, but the long-term effects are negative.

          1. “I value your life and you can even keep your dick, here’s the watermelon patch and a pony to lick your pole.” A Southern slave could at least potentially feel, if not hear. The Caribbean slave often faced sure death and I believe most of the Arabs slaves didn’t survive the castration.

  4. Robert, the critical point of failure here begins with the fact that you were hanging out in a business establishment staffed by mentally-ill millennial (and younger) women who have been brainwashed ad nauseum by their evil ideologue college professors to believe that:

    (1) ALL White men, particularly low-SMV White men, are ALL potential rapists and unapologetic woman-haters; and, (2) women (because historical oppresshion reasonz) are utterly blameless and beyond reproach, therefore anything a woman in the Current Year does or feels or thinks at any time (no matter how terrible, objectively speaking) is just fine and unimpeachable.

    Combine any number of Cluster B personality disorders with Golden Vagina Syndrome and you have the precise recipe for the sort of mass insanity that’s gotten you banned from Fagbucks just for being a normal male.

    By the ever-morphing non-rules of Clownworld today, your job as an old and/or low-SMV male is to simply stop existing in public spaces that Golden Vaginas also happen to use. Whether or not these Golden Vaginas strut around in public in ass-accentuating yoga pants that leave absolutely nothing to the horny heterosexual male imagination is completely immaterial and thus irrelevant; you are an evil piece of shit pig for even noticing that hot young ass.

    Remember that when a high-SMV chad male gawks or flirts at a hot Golden Vagina, then it’s no longer harassment, but rather an opportunity for the Golden Vagina to empower herself on his dick.

    In the old days, people used to say, judge a tree by its fruit. So the operative question then becomes, “what sort of fruit has the sexual revolution tree produced?”

    1. Thx for this. I believe they really do think that I have no right to exist. I am absolutely certain that they believe I have no right whatsoever to have a sex drive, that’s for damn sure. The very fact that I have a sex drive at all is utterly outrageous and extremely offensive to them! I have no right to have one at all! I need to just go impotent and wither away into the wallpaper!

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