About Being Degenerate

I don’t feel bad about being that way cause it isn’t the real problem. The only problem is being a coward (chicken). In fact, as I noted in comments, so many bullies themselves are disabled, skinny, fat, short – you name it.

Now the skinny thing does get under my skin cause I’m chronically tall and skinny. It’s so bad that’s not even worth trying to fix. I mean, I can workout and become somewhat fuller, but the  bottom line is that my  genetics are “tall and skinny”. Now, as with fat people, this leads to tons of remarks by assholes who won’t mind their own business. However, a lot of that is preventable if you come across as someone who isn’t a chicken.

The real problem is that young people simply will not respect passive, uninteresting males, and I suspect females are much similar. It shouldn’t be that way – in fact, how you “come across” is nobody’s business, but for some reason, the hostility seems hardwired.

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