Targeting the Shy For Attacks

Some on here are all guns blazing ready to bully the shy. I don’t like that because I was shy in school until about my junior year.

However, I will jump on “little effeminate smart-asses” because I simply cannot tolerate their insulting attitude, and also I cannot tolerate jock assholes (such as Karate Kid movie bullies), and I will either get away from them or destroy them.

Now, there’s no call for boys to bully the shy, and the ones doing this were not raised well by their parents. It’s not really “boys being boys” in a sense because I’ve seen too many boys, even masculine boys, who don’t do that.

What the shy need is a helping hand, but of course, real boys won’t do anything. They will either ignore shy boys possibly cause they were correctly raised to not pick on the weak, or they bully the shit out of them.

Introverted Assholes

These are sort of shy guys that are such assholes in their persona that’s it’s a crime not to bully them. These types are definitely prissy in the sense that real boys and men don’t act that way.

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