My Chinese Roomate

Computer Nerd Creep

He had to be the biggest introverted jerk I ever met. What a dickhead! In fact, a day wouldn’t go by when he wasn’t making some little smart-ass wussy remark, accompanied by a little smile and his shyness. He just didn’t like me because, well, I didn’t match up to his standards. In fact, he never wanted me even to get hired in the first place.

Well, I’m for certain like everywhere else, China is swarming with introverted assholes.

Of Course We All Need Room for Improvement

But how can we express that without damaging another’s pride? Someone not cleaning their room is one thing, but being scolded for being fat or from a certain country is another!

I Finally Had Enough of Him!

The room got trashed by someone. It wasn’t me, but I should have done it!

I should have told that guy, “You’re a real nice person,” sarcastically upon my final day with him, especially after he threatened to call the cops (which I believe he would have done out of hate) on me for trashing the place, which I didn’t even do.

The Chinese Women

They all liked me and the other Americans and  wanted to move to America LOL.

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