Alt Left: Absolutely Everything Is Now Officially Racism Now in California

Recently I have had a number of awkward experiences in which my comments were interpreted as “extremely inappropriate” by the people I was talking to. The comments had to do with race and they were apparently inappropriate I would assume due to racism. Here they are:

I was in a coffee shop:

Barista:  “Hey Bob. Joe!”

Me: “Joe what?”

Barista: “Joe Mama!”

Laughs all around. I point out where the phrase comes from.

Me: “That phrase actually comes from Black culture. Apparently this is a racist comment!”

Me: “That comment means,’Joe Mama stand on de corner.’ Your mother stands on the corner. It’s calling someone’s mother a prostitute. It’s an insult.” Extreme racism, plus maybe #metoo crap for unwanted sexual comment.

Me: “In Black culture it is an extreme insult to attack another man’s mother.” Extreme racism!

Me: “You might actually get killed for insulting  someone’s mother in that way. They make a really big deal out of it. It’s a huge insult in Black culture.” Extreme racism!

Barista makes some cryptic remark implying that my comments are extremely offensive!

Other barista shakes his head like he can’t believe I just made such offensive remarks.

Look, I’m sorry. This is just weird. I actually learned this at home at from talking to my parents. They told all of us kids what that phrase meant. I guess my parents are extremely inappropriate! I’ve talked about this a number of times over the years with many different people and no one gave two fucks about. All of a sudden this discussion that I have been having all my life is extreme racism!

More to the point. I have no idea why this comment is even racist. Pointing out that the comment has its origins in Black culture as an insult of someone’s mother is racism? How in the Hell is that racist? It’s simply true. The truth has been racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, and bigoted for a long time now in this insane country.

But honestly, truth is a defense against racism. Obviously you might want to phrase certain truths about groups carefully because the Goddamn facts about certain groups are frankly shocking and don’t make them look all that good. But the truth is never bigoted or hateful. That’s preposterous. How can proven scientific fact be “hateful?”

This stuff is just getting weird. I’m obviously not keen on out and out hardcore racist comments, particularly in public where people can hear them. But now it’s like the very mention that race exists at all is profoundly racist and “hateful.” This is bizarre and furthermore, it’s insensible.

There’s no logical reason for society to think like this, unlike we want to live in Snowflake World, where everyone’s feelings are on the verge of falling apart at any time, where folks have their antennas out all day long to make sure that no one says or does anything that makes “uncomfortable,” that most people are fragile weaklings who break down and have panic attacks over the most innocent behaviors and comments.

You all really want to live in Snowflake Land like this where you have to walk on eggshells all the time because everyone is on edge and on the verge of been made to feel “uncomfortable” at any time for any reason? Why? That sounds like a drag. Like no fun. Like party pooper, prig, prudish, uptight, tense, dour no fun.

Here is another one.

In a hair salon where I get my haircut talking about a beauty supply store where they suggested I go to get something I need:

Salon people: “It’s at 41 and Fresno Street.”

Me: “Do they even intersect? I thought they ran parallel?”

Salon people: “Yes, they do. Farther down they intersect.”

Me: “Oh! I know where that is! That’s the Black part of town, right?” Uncomfortable looks around the room like I said something wrong. Actually it is the Black part of town. Apparently saying there is Black side of town is a very racist remark!

Me: “Actually a lot of Black women wear extensions, right?” Apparently extreme racism.

Me: “Black women like to have their hair straight because it looks better that way so they are always straightening their hair and whatnot.” Apparently extreme racism!

Me: “But Black men don’t look good with straight hair. Have you ever seen a Black man with straight hair? Like James Brown? It doesn’t look good for some reason.” More extreme racism.

How on Earth is a discussion of Black people’s hair habits racist, in a damned hair salon for Chrissake, a perfectly appropriate place for such a conversation? Everything I said was straight up truth. Magazines, especially women’s and beauty magazines, talk about this sort of thing all the time. These are well-known facts.

This stuff is just getting weird. I’m tense a good part of the time when I am out, monitoring my every word and action to make sure I don’t do or say something that violates SJW bullshit. It’s not really a very fun place to be. I feel like I’m in a prison, and the world feels like a scary place now where anyone can get offended and upset for any reason at any time about my behavior. This is supposed to be fun or something?

This is making the world into a huge drag where entire subjects are completely off the table at all times. It’s like have turned into a nation of church ladies. Not to mention, SJW offense over the 600,000 things you can’t say and the 300,000 things you can’t do is profound moralfaggotry because it shames people and tells them that they are bad human beings simply for stating inoffensive and uncontroversial facts of life.

Calling people immoral, bad, and evil for fairly innocuous statements and behaviors is the essence of moralfaggotry. Face it. SJW’s are extreme moralfags, some of the worst in our entire benighted land.

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11 thoughts on “Alt Left: Absolutely Everything Is Now Officially Racism Now in California”

  1. Dude you’re facing discrimination issues because of your age. It’s plain and simple.

    You gotta be a bit more badass if your life somehow depends on those SJW baristas. They only fear authority or people who are assertive. It’s never too late to get face tattoos or a mohawk hair or whatever. Burberry jackets are something scares them.

    Or you can just go old school gentleman and start habitually wearing a suit and tie when going out to get a coffee. Believe me, it will greatly increase the amount of respect people have. It doesn’t have to be very clean and neat but a suit and tie still carries a great personality. I am sure you know that.

    Our “look” is everything. You gotta find a look which makes you look badass.

    You gotta force these motherfuckers to respect you. If I was there with you, I’d have punched that jackass for disrespecting my friend. Seriously I’ve hit people before for harassing my girls. I’d definitely throw a few punches at someone disrespecting a close friend. Cheers.

  2. I can handle “guys being guys,” but that’s not how @Robert Lindsay and others probably see “guy behavior”. No, I don’t condone the behavior of the Karate Kid (the original movie) bullies!

    1. The Karate Kid “bullies” have now become old and are disrespected because of their age. That’s the entire theme of Cobra Kai. Even Johnny Lawrence, the main bully of Daniel LaRusso, has become very mellow with age along with his biker posse.

      One of the bullies has even become a kind-hearted pastor, LOL.

      One of the bullies that made the “get him a bodybag” comment during the ’84 showdown, dies of cancer in that show.

      As shown in Cobra Kai, Daniel LaRusso has turned out to be an insecure dick. He’s worsened with age. Johnny Lawrence is the anti-hero now. He’s a nice man who has experienced many a heartbreak. He takes a young Hispanic kid as his karate protege. It’s Daniel LaRusso that’s trying to make his life miserable because he has grown into a complete douchebag. Not the innocent Karate kid anymore.

      If you hated the Karate Kid franchise in the ’80s, you’re gonna love Johnny Lawrence and Cobra Kai.

        1. Looks like those actors playing Johnny Lawrence and his posse gave a lot of “ammo” to bullies in real life, back in the ’80s. Their performance in that movie was so utterly realistic that probably an entire generation of skinny kids have been bullied along the lines of Daniel LaRusso. I am sure bullies took a lot of cues from the Karate Kid franchise. An entire generation of weaklings were tormented by that movie.

          Remember that scene where LaRusso’s pounded in the pavement or kicked by Johnny Lawrence down a mountain ridge along with what is left of his bike? Or when Mike Barnes kicks his ass in dojo in front of psychopathic criminal Terry Silver and a sadistic John Cheese.

          I don’t know if I am starting to sound like Johnny Lawrence himself. He’s a nicer man but he has no regrets or guilt about picking on LaRusso and continues to laugh at how his biker posse would kick his ass. For the record, I was a tormentor dick during elementary and middle school. Though later I got bullied myself during high school.

          I should have become a cop LOL

          1. The fact that bullies “pay no mind” to anti-bullying propaganda doesn’t make bullying a good thing. I mean, American History X probably increased the popularity of White Nationalism!

            Also, other movies like Casino, GoodFellas might have been anti-gangster, but the point is lost on half the audience maybe (or more) who want to imitate Joe Pesci etc…

          2. LaRusso would be more like Spider in Goodfellas than Tommy. Nature is cruel and humans haven’t fully lost it. A guy like Ogre from Revenge of the Nerds instinctively wants to beat up anyone with an annoying throaty laugh.

            American History X is far from perfect but Derek is the bull of the movie. He showed some Blacks his horns for showing up at his house with guns looking for trouble. They found it. Derek sent a Jew slithering away for poisoning his family with his “Jewish nigger-loving hippy bullshit”. The idea of protecting and putting your family first is natural.

        2. “Kissing feet” Tarantino fan? Been wanting to watch that show, as it has non-PC elements. Cobra Kai were assholes but also Chads with good genetics. LaRusso was Mr.Miyagi’s little twink. In real life, the damsel is drawn to the Cobra.

  3. So capitalism supports this pathology. I don’t see why it’s necessary for your boss to be a bullying, screaming, yelling, threatening psychopathic maniac.

    Bullying never goes away. It just assumes different forms. What else can explain “jag-off” bosses who expect their underlings to kiss their ass all day?

    In a way, emotional bullying is a lot worse than physical bullying. As they say, sticks and stones can break my bones…but no way, I think it’s the words that really hurt eventually.

    As a fifth-grader, I was bullied by my ninth-grade seniors. They would wait outside school hours, grab my satchel, and kick and punch me till I was left a bloody mess. For at least a year, I lived in terror of those bullies. However, at the same time, I was bullying other fifth and fourth-graders. The ninth-grade seniors would have left me alone if I apologized to them and showed respect. But, of course I was rather excited to fight them.

    I was thrilled at fighting with people bigger than me. It took at least 3-4 of them to control me…that made me feel invicincible

    However if I’m to run into those exact bullies today, I’ll probably have a beer with them. I don’t harbor any ill feelings.

    That is why emotional bullies are the worst. Their hurt stays with you for a very long time.

    1. As I mentioned in another comment, these guys (bullies) greatly admire daredevils. However, the downside is you can turn into a “comedy ho” LOL.

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