Game/PUA: “Korean Women Almost Worship the Ground that White Men Walk on”

That’s not literally true, but as with all stereotypes, there is more than a hint of truth there.

Korean girls practically worship the Earth White guys walk on. It’s sickening to watch the groveling they will do.

LOL no it isn’t. It’s hot.

One time I walked into this Starbucks in Fresno maybe 10 years ago. Actually it was right around the time I wrote this post, so it would be almost ten years ago exactly, so I would have been 52 years old.

I walked in like I owned the fucking place. No I walked in like I am literally God on this Earth. I can definitely act like that. Some hate it, some love it, some are indifferent. Everyone who hates it can go fuck themselves.

Anyway I marched in there like I was king of the world and god’s gift to women, and there was this table full of older Korean women maybe 40-60, probably all married with kids, back there, and they were looking at me like:

Damn! Look at him! Wowwwwwwwwww! Fuck yeah, hot stuff! Will you look at him? Hey! Look at this guy!  Look how he acts, wow!

They were almost literally in awe of me. They all had huge smiles or really grins on their faces. Their smiles were so wide I was worried that the smiles might fall off the sides of their faces. And an almost jaw-dropping twinkling eyed stare, too, like they were dazzled by something. They looked at me like I was the golden Cock sent from Heaven to fuck them all into eternal bliss. They kept looking at me like that most of the time I was in there.

Yeah, cunts. They were staring. So fuckin what? I don’t go crying to Mommy like women do whenever a woman “stares” at me. They can “stare” at me all they want. I’m a grownup, I can handle it.

I’m sure the attitude had a lot to do with it. They seemed to be reacting to the attitude like they could not believe the extreme air of confidence I was giving off. Like it was shaking the room like a little earthquake.

I have supposedly always been goodlooking, and ten years ago, women my age were definitely going crazy over my looks. So I may have looked pretty good too. That always helps.

I have no idea what they actually wanted to do about it. Maybe nothing at all. They were probably happily married conservative Korean women with grown kids. Maybe they just wanted to look. Just because a woman looks at you like you’re a slice of roast beef doesn’t mean she wants to have sex with you. 

She may not even want to flirt with you. Maybe she just wants to look.  And dream. Think about it, guys. Women dream too, just like we do. A lot of us humans just fantasize and daydream, and we don’t actually wish to fulfill these airy thoughts.

I told you I’m shy. I was too shy to go over there and talk to them. I should have introduced myself and asked to sit down with them.

I have had a lot of fun with women in my life, but I blow it like this by shying out way too often. Been doing it my whole life too. I’ve missed a million great opportunities with women by shying out.

I’ve been shying out on women my whole damned life. Obviously this is because I am an evil, creepy,  inappropriate, harassing, assaulting, raping predator and menace to women! All shy men are menaces to women, right?

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3 thoughts on “Game/PUA: “Korean Women Almost Worship the Ground that White Men Walk on””

  1. I was at a bar in Bangkok which is frequented by Korean chicks. There were around six of them. They were dressed to the 9’s and looking like porcelain dolls, all of them.

    While I was slowly sipping my beer, three Indian men walk in, and they immediately start harassing the Korean girls. The Korean girls were just not interested and looked in the other direction. There were no bouncers or security in the bar so it was really open season on them with all the rapey Indian guys.

    This is how the “pick-up” went. I shit you not.

    Indian Man 1: “Hey Baby, you sexy. What country?”
    Korean girl 1: “Korea.”
    Indian Man 1: “Wanna hang out? Whatsapp?”
    Korean girl 1: (Looks in the other direction ignoring him).
    Indian Man 1: “Come on, baby. You beautiful, my size big. Very big.”
    (The Korean girls start giggling. Everyone knows Indian men aren’t very gifted in that department, generally.)

    The Indian men take that giggling as a hint that the girls are into them. They start touching them immediately. The girls react with a “Please, stop”. The Indian men are persistent. They keep saying stuff like “WhatsApp number”, “My hotel here”, and “How much money you want?”

    Koreans are an extremely polite people and will never complain to the security. The women can handle sexual advances on their own. While the Indian men were persistent, the Korean girls were also adamant in their refusal.

    The Indian men soon run out of patience. They have been humiliated badly. One of them drags one of the Korean girls by her arm and shouts at her, “Come, you bitch. I pay good money. Come.”

    She says “Stop.”

    It was getting really ugly. No one there in the bar to help the Korean girls, so I decide to step in. I go to the Indian guys and explain to them in Hindi that the girls aren’t interested and they should back off. I also claim to be related to the bar owner and tell them I will call the police if they don’t leave immediately.

    These motherfuckers were getting real horny. I gave them the address to a red-light district where they could pick up all the whores they wanted. I told them these girls aren’t whores; they’re regular people. They just didn’t get it. Just because the Korean girls were dressed “sexily”, it meant they were available. Typical male Indian logic.

    The “police” threat really worked though. The rapey guys backed off real fast. They just looked around a bit and left that place.

    Good, job done. I became a hero and felt great. I was expecting the Korean girls to ask me to sit next to them or something. Only one of them said “Thank you” to me while the others did not even look in my direction, not even as a courtesy. I mean as soon as the horndogs scampered, the Korean girls went back to checking their smartphones and giggling together.

    I was expecting a bit more common courtesy, but anyway, I figured they didn’t really think they owed me a thank you and more. Nor should I be expecting it, of course. I am glad I stood up to those wannabe rapists.

    No problem, I go back to my table and resume my drink. I would have left in another 10 minutes anyway.

    Just before I was about to leave, I saw a couple of White guys walk in. Australians I believe, surfer dudes. The White guys start talking to those girls in Korean but quickly turn to English. The Korean girls had probably spent time in that country.

    The girls are immediately aroused, all of them. They listen with rapt attention while the Aussies brag about their adventures “I got these cool new tats, yea? My buddy has some finest weed, you wanna try those?” The girls are like “Yes.”

    I felt a little bit like a tool. Just a while ago I literally saved these girls from rapists. I barely got a thanks in return. Now they were literally fawning over these two Aussie douches. I think that’s the reason they weren’t perturbed by the three Indian rapey guys – because they were expecting these Aussies to show up any moment. Then they’d have enjoyed seeing the Aussies and Indians have a go at each other, LOL.

    But, it’s all right. I am an adult, I can handle it. I had other plans for the evening anyway including going to a club.

    I am sure not all Korean girls are like that, but some of them can be real bitches. In hindsight, I think I should have just let those Indian douchebags molest them a bit more. They were probably enjoying it – that’s why they didn’t complain.

  2. The dark side is a whole lot of people get hurt other than self-confident White guys. I mean, Blacks often can’t get ESL jobs as soon as their picture is sent in.

    The disabled, including Whites, have to hide who they are – hurting their pride.

    But I’m sure nobody cares about that stuff on THIS BLOG – LOL.

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