Game/PUA: Reading Conversational Shutdown and Negative IOI Signals from Women

RL: A lot of women just don’t like you or do not see you as attractive for some reason. The fact that you are interested in them sexually at all infuriates and enrages them. Basically you have no right to have a sex drive.

Jason: Well, they can always confront the person, but now they going to extremes and making harassment charges.

It’s often unnecessary to go to the extreme of a confrontation.

There are all sorts of ways to let a guy know that you don’t feel like talking to him. I get this shit constantly, every single day. Mostly I just read it right and simply don’t approach them or shut off an ongoing conversation if I get that signal, which I am very good at picking up on.

And a lot of times I can have a casual conversation with a woman, often a young woman, but then if I try to get a little more personal:

Are you in college?…Are you working?…Do you live here in town? That’s an interesting name (insert comment on her name)…*

…I often get a pretty hard shutdown. I call it The Wall. I pick up on that and think, ok, I can only talk about very light things with this woman. I can’t get into anything even slightly personal.


Sometimes it takes me a while to figure out that this woman doesn’t want this personal talk because she’s not really making that clear to me.

Sometimes if she doesn’t like personal talk, she just acts nervous when you try to talk to her like this. This is hard to figure out because you wonder if she is just a shy, nervous woman or if she doesn’t want to talk. After a while you can put it together and figure out the nervousness means she doesn’t want to talk to you.

I figure it out slowly over weeks by observing her behavior, how she acts around me, if anyone else notices that I am trying to talk to her personally, subtle verbal and nonverbal communication from others, etc.

Sometimes they figure out that I like some woman at some store and act like they don’t like it. That’s hard to figure out because it’s communicated to me in a cryptic code (they don’t come right out and say it at all – you have to completely read between the lines and catch a lot of nonverbal stuff), but I can usually figure it out. The more I think about it, the better I understand it.

*Please note that those sentences above are in no shape or form flirting in any way. It’s just friendly talk. I guess a lot of women nowadays think friendly talk is evil.

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