The Magic Fan Base

@Robert Lindsay is concerned about not making enough money from donations, and so are many creators. However, the problem is that only 1% of your fan base would be enthusiastic enough to support you financially.

Well, I was reading on this one website – and it was interesting about how if you get 1,000 people to give you 10 dollars a year, you’d have $100,000 a year, which is basically a doctor or lawyer salary! Wow!

The Problem

You have to build a huge fan base, and then in the case of social media but not email marketing, you’d have to advertise again to that group, and that would probably be expensive. It would be worth it in the end but painful!

I’m not sure about the 1% but I’m guessing it.

Oh and Wait!

You’re going to have to pay to build the list -, a lot of it! I’d say a 100,000 list to get 1000 magic fans would be probably cost $60,000 on average to start! After that, as hinted at, it might take the another $60,000 to rebroadcast the message!

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