Alt Left: SJWism Is a War against Knowledge, Wisdom and Intelligence Itself

I love Polar Bear’s stereotyping. We strongly encourage stereotyping here as long as you are fairly kind about it. He’s been very kind in his posts. You can also stereotype about races in a bad way as long as you make it clear that you are talking about them as a group and not as individuals. It might be nice to also point out that they are not all like this.

Any idiot who gets offended by this because of stereotyping is an SJW scumbag, and they can literally drop dead.

This is a (fairly) nonracist race realist site. Polar Bear’s posts are the meat and potatoes that run this damn blog.

Stereotypes are just patterns. Fools who say no stereotyping are in effect saying that we are not allowed to recognize any patterns at all in other humans because noticing patterns in human behavior is de facto racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, bigotry, bla bla.

We don’t believe that at this site. We encourage all of our readers to notice all the patterns you want among any humans no matter what sacred group they belong to. Pattern recognition is essential to human cognition and is the bread and butter of human wisdom.

Labeling all patterns as stereotype plunges a dagger into the heart of human intelligence, knowledge, and especially wisdom itself. SJW’s are in a literal war against wisdom, knowledge, and intelligence itself.

That’s dangerous. In fact, it’s a menace.

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4 thoughts on “Alt Left: SJWism Is a War against Knowledge, Wisdom and Intelligence Itself”

  1. I’m not a SJW. Hell no, like you I’ve been banned from many places for doing what comes naturally to me.

    It’s just that I don’t feel the need to stereotype that much. it doesn’t come naturally to me anymore. I analyze more elaborate patterns such as “Why certain women in age group 16-22 who are Instagram addicts, behave in X way?”

    I try to look beyond the race, age, or other external characteristics. But I do evaluate people based on how much money their parents made, how they treat other people. For example, servers. You’ll never find me stereotype in this way: “All Muslims act like this in X situation because they are Muslims.”

    But I don’t really care if others do, it’s their life experiences. Their business. I don’t really disapprove of others stereotyping.

    1. Hell no, like you I’ve been banned from many places for doing what comes naturally to me.

      I thought I was some kind of social retard scum of the human race. I feel so much better now!

      Banned for talking to other human beings! I guess that violates some insane social rule if they are strangers. Well fuck that. I’ll talk to whoever the fuck I want to, strangers, non-strangers, I don’t care who they are. You can’t stop me from acting like a human being.

    2. “Try to look beyond race.” But why does the hooker you marry have to be Russian? To me race has a strong and deep meaning. Deep down it means something to us all. You can never truly abandon race. Just look in the mirror and there it is. To deny race is to deny the very existence of self.

  2. The war on men these days – is much similar to the war on black men in Jim Crow – ironically. Basically, these women want white guys to behave like they’re in church.

    I mean, remember the thing with Emmet Till – where he whistled at a white woman – and they brutally beat the shit out of him and killed him – even though he was only 15 or something?

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